Find some of the most breathtaking Christmas living room decorations here. Transform your living space into a sanctuary of holiday warmth and enchantment this Christmas season. Whether you prefer a traditional style or have a flair for the contemporary, Christmas is a splendid time to showcase your own personal style.

Welcome your family and guests to snuggle up and bask in the glow of the holiday ambiance you have lovingly created. Fill their hearts and their eyes with the countless symbols of the festive holiday season. Let your imagination be the guide as you blanket your home in a magical veil of Yuletide glory.



Black Beauty


Positive and negative tones complement the tastefully appointed pencil tree standing guard beside the alternating fabric holiday stockings.  The worldly safari accents interspersed with the unpretentious trimmings adorn this living space in a unique and stylish manner.


Christ is Born


Shout if from the rooftops….Jesus Christ is Born!  Prominently displayed for all to see is a magnificent wall design sending a spirited reminder of the reason for the season.  The mantle is generously adorned with a bounty of natural elements while the glow of the star-topped tree beckons visitors to sit and stay a while.


Casual Christmas


A casually appointed area with perfectly placed hints of the holiday season welcome friends and family.  A parade of delightful striped stockings hang from the evergreen draped bannister.  Bright red throw pillows add a pop of holiday spirit along with a modest bowl of glassy bulbs carefully perched on an antique scale.


Homespun Holiday Happiness


This space is simply brimming in holiday spirit. Packed from one end to the other, every nook and cranny is filled with the embellishments of traditional Christmas style.  Wrapping the mantle is a homespun garland flanked by the illumination of a heart themed spruce.

Frosty Frills


The clean, icy feel of this frosty themed space lends itself to a day of skating at the local pond.  Step closer to take in the flawless aura of this mesmerizing space.  A strategically placedchoo- choo train runs beneath your feet to beckon memories of childhood joy.




No detail is left to chance in this exquisitely appointed living space.  Silver and gold dance together across a magically adorned mantle dripping in festive elegance.  A stately tree showcases images of yesteryear in silhouetted style.  Jeweled trimmings fill the eye with polished holiday splendor.


Dinner Guest


Gather your loved ones around the glow of a regal display of warmly burning pillar candles and feast your eyes on the beauty of the holiday season.  Brilliant red berries and greenery crown the holiday table with natural pageantry.  Artfully showcased against a stately mirror is a bejeweled band of evergreen.


Casual Elegance


Come on in and kick off your shoes.  Traces of nature dance about this informal space creating a casual welcoming embrace to all who enter.  The magic of evergreen wraps the room in an untarnished veil of nature.  Glowing candles and a pair of holiday inspired pillows put the finishing touches on this cozy burrow.


Contemporary Christmas


Put a contemporary twist on the holiday season with a pop of unexpected color.  Trade in the red and green ribbon for the stylish beauty of fuchsia adornments.  Against a white backdrop is the festive flair of popping rich color.  A collection of reflective glass balls nestled in an oversized bowl create a divine centerpiece.


Frosty Fiesta


Bask in the glow of the fire as you surround yourself with the frosty feel of winter.  A silvery hue washes across this living space to evoke the feeling of an enchanted fantasyland. Oversized hanging balls catch your eye as you bask in the glory of the generously appointed evergreen.


Seasonal Beauty


Snuggle up beside this dazzling tree and soak in the rich colors of the holiday season.  Aglow in the colors of tradition, this living space is gracefully garnished in holiday cheer.  The twinkling lights and ample greenery cordially welcome guests to this classic space.


Simply Stylish


A trio of holiday wall adornments set the stage for this fireside area.  A modestly appointed tree beckons a feeling of simple, uncomplicated beauty.  A collection of holiday surprises beckons curious visitors to take a closer peek.


Yuletide Fancy


Strategically placed candles and a twinkling tree transform this space into a warm and welcoming living area.  Turn the lights down low and watch the candlelight dance through the crystal chandelier.  A twinkling tree radiantly crowns the space in holiday brilliance.


Naughty or Nice


Stir up a spirited conversation with a humorous “naughty or nice” display fashioned from a neatly framed piece of chalkboard.  Hues of gold are magically woven through every inch of this richly adorned space. An immense tree filled with dazzling beauty towers over the richly appointed grand space.


Spirited Stripes


A spirited splash of stripes puts the WOW in this traditional living space.  The time honored Christmas tree reigns over this area with a golden glow.  Some fuzzy friends nuzzle their noses close to holiday gift boxes while the spirit of the season springs forth.


Timeless Country Class


Like a page from the past, the stockings are hung by the chimney with care.  The stately tree twinkles brightly as it awaits the merry placement of holiday surprises.  Accents ofevergreen bring an inviting feel to this fireside nesting place.


Twinkle Twinkle


Ablaze in lighted glory, this illuminated space wraps you in a blanket of Christmas splendor.  A masterfully decorated tree coupled with a divine garland set this space aglow.  Miniature trees bookend the festive mantle for a radiant holiday experience.


Holiday Happiness


Beckoning your visitors to come and stay a while, the glorious tree is festooned with a profusion of ruby and gold baubles.  Merry holiday stockings and miniature trees flank the inviting hearth.  The time-honored poinsettia adds a natural element.


Picture Perfect


Majestically positioned in front of the grand window, this traditionally inspired holiday tree creates a picture perfect statement.  Wrap up in a throw and nibble on a tasty treat as you soak in the hospitality of this heavenly space.




Clean contemporary design lends itself to a simple and fresh holiday decorating style.  A glass dome beckons you to take a peek as the stockings are brimming with Yuletide surprises.  Packages wrapped in brown paper add to the unpretentious display.


Holiday Opulence


The heavily garnished tree and richly appointed décor masterfully exude an air of opulence.  Like toy soldiers, two miniature trees stand guard over the holiday stockings as a pair of matching wreaths adorn the window.


Happy Holidays


A stone fireplace presents the perfect backdrop for a homespun chalkboard bit of art.  Delighting visitors stands a dazzling tree brimming with holiday ornaments.  Snuggle on the sofa and reflect on the meaning of the holiday season in this festive space.


Cottage Christmas


A vintage inspired room presents the perfect place to let your Christmas creativity flow.   Wall art relays the message of the season with a holiday countdown calendar.  Add a dash of color to your sofa with a splendid array of seasonal pillows and throws.


Tropical Treasure


Give your Christmas tree a tropical flair with this unique tree topping idea.  The color palette and palm leaf accent will have you longing to celebrate the holidays be the seaside.  Blanketing the mantle is an abundance of greenery and dazzling silver accents.


Joyful Jubilee


The crisp, cool feel of this flawless holiday décor is divine.  A perfectly appointed fireplace is topped with a French-inspired mirror setting the stage for two tone metallic wreaths.  A place of prominence is given to a glorious tree burnished in gold with just a hint of powder blue.


Winter Wonderland


Bring the outdoors in this holiday season with a collection of holiday trees. A treasure trove of nature occupies this rustic area to create a peaceful and authentic entertaining space.

Southwestern Surprise


Christmas bulbs hang and dangle from every corner of this southwest- inspired living space.  A parade of fuzzy stockings patiently await a visit from Santa.  The textures and patterns of this holiday décor work well together to create a welcoming Yuletide space.


City Slicker


This minimalist approach to Christmas decorating makes a bold statement that sometimes less is more.  Festive holiday stockings and an oversized wreath occupy this avant-garde space with a touch of whimsy.

Red Radiance


A red wall creates a fitting backdrop for this comfortable inviting holiday area. The cozy glow of candles and a sofa filled with snuggly pillows beckons visitors to stay for a cup of tea and some conversation.   Christmas greeting cards adorn the mirror as a trimmed tree looks on.


Festive Fuchsia


Wrap yourself in a fuchsia throw and take in the majesty of this well- appointed sitting area.  Leave the world outside and embrace the modest holiday trim against the impeccable décor.  An oversized evergreen wreath towers over the tastefully festooned mantle with just a hint of color.

Luminous Lodge


Throw another log on the fire…company is coming.  Evergreen branches blanket the mantle as a towering fir garnished in traditional trimmings fills the space with the spirit of the season.


Frosty & Festive


The frosty combination of silver and iced blue give a magical snow globe feel to this holidaydécor. A strand of glistening beads shares the message of the holiday season.  A skinny tree loaded with a dazzling display of trimmings fills the space with enchantment.


Textured Trimmings


Put your feet up and take in the glory of this holiday tree generously draped in holiday garland and intricate snowflakes.  The complementing black and white tones and textured accessories add a contemporary flair to the space.

Merry & Bright


It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Remind your guests of the joy of the season with some prominently displayed placed holiday signage.  A collection of stockings waits for Santa’s visit.Silvery accents round out the space.