At the holidays, Christmas trees are the focal point of your seasonal décor. This holiday season, why not try something a bit off the cuff and select a theme that reflects the interests of your family. Maybe a pop movie ranks high on your list or perhaps your college alma mater has a grip on your heartstrings…whatever the case may be, collect all the memorabilia you can and whip your holiday tree into a tribute to your special theme.

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A Fanciful Force


This Star Wars inspired tree will awaken the force in all who see it.  Pay homage to one of the biggest movie debuts of the year with a collection of Star Wars memorabilia.  Add twinkling clear lights and a unique tree skirt for the ultimate tribute to this movie phenomenon.


Wintry Wonder


The winter season comes alive with thoughts of snowy days and glistening snowflakes twinkling on the frozen ground.  Wrap your holiday tree in a bit of winter wonder with a collection of vintage inspired ice skates and jingle bells.  Add a clear lights and frosty fellow on the top for a chilly cheerful seasonal sensation.


Merry Minnions


Popular children’s movies and shows offer a great opportunity to create a themed tree for your holiday decorating.  Here the Minnions are displayed in all their glory with a color combination and tree topper that is sure to bring the little ones squealing with joy.  Don’t worry…these minnions are on their best behavior!


Around the World


Take a trip around the world with symbols from noteworthy places of interest that captivate and leave you wanting to travel to destinations far and wide.  The intricate detail of the trimmings on this magnificently decorated tree, will have you getting your passport updated and bags packed.  Topped with a pair of beautiful fans and twinkling clear lights, this tree is a tribute to our amazing world.


Sea Sensation


A table top tree will have you feeling like taking a scuba dive on a coral reef.  Filled to overflowing with gems from an underwater world of mystique and beauty, this small scale tree packs a powerful punch.  The relaxing color palette evokes a calm serenity to reminiscent of days at the seashore.


Star Wars Droid Tree


C-3PO and R2-D2 fill this Star Wars tree to overflowing for the fan in your family.  These hand crafted ornaments fill the branches with creativity and fun.  Gather the family around and fashion clear glass bulbs into your favorite characters for an Oscar winning tree theme.


Ocean Opulence


Dripping in the jewels of the ocean, a beach-inspired Christmas tree will have you wishing you were seaside when Santa slides down the chimney. A palette of seafoam green and beige, bath this tree in a serene feel.  Fabric garland and woody accents gives this tree a natural pristine quality.




Big Al makes his appearance known atop this Alabama inspired Christmas tree.  Pay homage to one of the winningest college teams of all time with a crimson tide tribute.  Even Santa will be a BAMA fan when he gets a peek at Big Al this holiday season.


Black & Gold


One of the NFL’s best teams gets top billing on the Steeler themed Christmas tree.  Show your family and friends just how deep your loyalty runs for a team that tops the ranks of Super Bowl winningest teams.  Heavily adorned in all things Steeler, this tree takes black and gold all the way to the endzone.


Christmas Nightmare


Don’t put those Halloween decorations away quite yet.  Skulls and bony fingertips transition from trick or treat to the Yuletide season with a Nightmare Before Christmas themed tree.  Garnish with white lights and pops of red color for a kid-tastic holiday display.


St. Nick Time


An invitation to holiday cheer and a lively visit from Old St. Nick call out from the colorful trimmings on this merry Christmas spectacle.  Joyful and bright, the combination of bulbs and accents gives childlike charm and innocence to this delightfully adorned tree.


Heavenly Holiday

Graceful doves and delicate foliage bring a peaceful essence to this Yuletide symbol. The branches of this tree are literally dripping in holiday splendor.  Oversized poinsettias dance around the tree as a glistening red tree skirt mingles around the base.


River of Red


A bold river of ruby red florals wrap a tall and stately Christmas tree in traditional holiday pageantry.  From top to bottom, a multitude of golden bulbs and glittery ornaments twinkle in the glow on clear lights.  An assortment of color coordinated packages add excitement for the holiday season.


On Pins & Needles


Cute as a button…this themed miniature Christmas tree will add character and charm a small corner in your cozy home.  Adorned with “tools of the trade”, you’ll sew up some smiles when your family and friends catch sight of this little cutie.  A close look at the “star” on top will reveal a homespun touch of crafty creativity.


Birthday Bash


Christmas is a time of celebration!  Whether you have a family member who celebrates a birthday close to the holidays or if you choose to celebrate the birth of Jesus with a classic happy birthday approach, a tree festooned from top to bottom in colorful balloons adds a celebratory feel to your holiday décor. Crepe paper streamers complete the festive look.


Whooo Do You See?


Whoo wouldn’t love a tree like this?  A collection of wise old owls peek from the branches of this pedestal tree.  Rich brown ribbon and white birch accents tie this concept together with rustic charm.  Small, but certainly not understated, this earthy concept celebrates the wildly popular wise old owl.


Yuletide Delight


A galvanized wash tub serves as the base for a tree wrapped in the earthy beauty of pine cone garland and twig balls.  Burlap fabric garland winds itself through branches filled with glittering trimmings and twinkling lights.


Happy Harry Holidays


Turn a little corner in your home into a Hogwarts tribute with this Harry Potter themed holiday tree.  Iconic symbols from the story of Harry Potter encrust the tree as well as a collection of the novels themselves.  Jump on the Hogwarts Express for a ride around this magical tribute.


Patriotic Passion

In this land of liberty, a tree festooned in the patriotic color scheme of red, white and blue adds country charm to your holiday décor.  Bulbs, flags and stars all partner together to cover this tree from top to bottom in a passionate palette of USA loyalty.


Radiant Reindeers


Christmas and reindeer go together thanks to the most famous reindeer of all.  Nestle a few reindeer figurines into your holiday tree to bring a masculine feel to this rustic woodland theme.  Burlap garland and a warm color palette wrap this tree with a charming touch.


Splendid SuperHeros


Gather that collection of superhero figurines and wow the kids with a bit of comic book creativity.  Heavily adorned with iconic symbols and topped with a feathery plume of beauty, this themed tree will be tough to keep the kids away from.  All the big names make an appearance as the days until Santa are counted down.


Green Grinch


Transform your holiday tree into a childhood favorite with a simple overlay of vibrant green fabric and surly features.  The children will flock to see this Dr. Seuss favorite up close.  Gather the children close and read to them about how that mean old Grinch stole Christmas.


Crimson Tide


Alabama football takes center stage in your family area this holiday season.  Decked to the hilt…this tree sports the crimson tide color scheme as well as the iconic BAMA call letters. Bring a little football frenzy front and center this season.


Starfish Sensation


Your family and friends will be star struck when they catch a glimpse on this beautifully appointed holiday tree.  The collective use of starfish and pineapple accents add a warm feeling of hospitality to your seasonal décor.  You don’t have to live near the beach to showcase your love for the ocean.

Perfectly Pastel


A non-traditional color palette makes a bold statement on this delicately adorned white tree.  Paper fans add pops of vibrant color when coupled with beads and traditional bulbs.  Beautifully wrapped packages of the same color scheme encircle the tree with holiday delight.


Fabric Fiesta


The twists and turns of fabric combine to create a homespun tribute to this frosty fellow.  Tuck him beside a thin tree also festooned in fabric for a truly rustic tribute to country charm.  Add the twinkle of clear lights and cozy accents for a primitive touch to the Yuletide season.


Santa Suit


Add a cheerful Ho HoHo to your home with this Santa inspired tree concept.  Springing forth from the belted base is a profusion of holiday trim that tops itself off with the iconic Santa cap.  Candy canes and joyful trimmings add a cheerful jolly effect.


Icy Enchantment


Like a walk outdoors after a snowstorm, this exquisite tree appears as though it is encased in a snowy blanket of icy enchantment.  Every nook and cranny is filled to overflowing with frosty accents and brilliant crisp trimmings.  Add a magical bit of winter wonder into your home this holiday season.


Vintage Vinyl


Resurrect those vintage music items from times of old and adorn your holiday tree in a unique tribute to your retro style.  Iconic figures and albums tell the story of the age of rock and roll.  Tiny musical instruments and iconic figurines come to life in the twinkle of clear lights.


Flag Fabulous


Uncle Sam sits high atop this USA-inspired holiday tree.  Bring out those July 4th decorations and give them another look as you create a tribute to the land of liberty.  Brimming with patriotic spirit, this red white and blue beauty is a show stopper.