Notice how mom has this strange ability to know things like it’s nothing? Like that one Christmas when you were asking her for one thing but she gave you something entirely different, but you ended up not just liking her gift, but also realizing that was the one thing you really needed. Well, you can be like to her this Christmas. Surprise mom with fun and meaningful gifts that perfectly show just how you love her. Here are 25 ways how you can achieve this.

Mom is a Blessing Wall Art


Let your mom feel just how you love her with this personalised wall art. Designed to make her feel blessed the moment she sees this first thing in the morning, plus everyone else who sees this gets this intoxicating lightness of being. SOURCE

Gold Clip-on Charm


This could be the sweetest gift mom would ever get from you this Christmas. It’s not the gold that sparkles along with the crystals. It’s just those three magical letters. SOURCE

Seasoned with Love Cutting Board


Yes, the name does say it is cutting board designed for mom’s special needs. But this rubberwood cutting board can also be used for rustic serving of fruits and vegetables and even cheese. SOURCE

Design Your Own Fragrance Perfume Set


A perfume set that lets you freely make your own personal scent, now that’s something mom doesn’t see every day since she always busy with everything else. So make sure this holiday season she gets one of this glamorous box set. SOURCE

Stoneware Baking Dish


The entire house may be her whole kingdom, but the kitchen is her castle. Special tools are needed for special castles…erm, kitchen. Lovely kitchenware like this that can be used for baking and serving is juts what you need to make mom feel fully equipped.  SOURCE

Luxury Spa Gift Box


You’ve met Salon’s twin sister, right? Spa at this time of the year is really at the top of her game especially when you call her together with all her posse. Mom will surely forget all those aches with this gift box of rest and relaxation. SOURCE

Glass Keepsake Box


We will never understand how mom’s brain works. But what we do know is that she likes to keep stuff that she calls her treasure. Can you even think of something else perfect for that job other than this elegant keepsake box with a glass treatment. SOURCE

Dual Foot Massager


Keeping mom relaxed for the holidays i an absolute must because we want her to experience her best and most meaningful Christmas yet. With a Shiatsu massage concept on the rotating nodes, releasing the stress on her feet and the rest of her body is just a day’s task for this magnificent invention. SOURCE

Hearts Full of Love Collection


It’s like she’ll ever forget all those names, more like, all those names written on the pillow, tote bag and mug are a constant reminder to the rest of the world how awesome she is, and she is just warming up at that. SOURCE

Handbag Organizer


Another universal knowledge is that mom likes to carry lots of stuff, you know, just in case she might need some time in the afternoon, or maybe tomorrow, or maybe three days after. The point is, her handbag stuff needs some organizing especially this holidays where she’ll be going to lots of places. So, this is the perfect solution for that. SOURCE

2-Way Back and Neck Massager


Bring the luxury of the outside world into the confines of your own home, and to your mom more specifically, might be the best Christmas gift you may give. ItS 14 different massages and 4 different intensities, on top of that, as the name may suggest, this massager can even go for the shoulder and the waist. SOURCE

Leather Makeup Case


This is one of those little luxuries your mom should be receiving for the holidays. The red leather is of course and big bonus, but the major win is the amazing ample room for almost all her beauty stuff and the zip pullers. SOURCE

Satchel Bag


This is one posh bag that mom would want this Christmas season. The leather looks great and feels great both from the inside and out. The resin treatment just makes it more charming. SOURCE

Geneva Women’s Marcasite Antique Inspired Watch


We all know how mom loves to multi-task. Even in fashion, yes, she does all the time like it’s a natural course of event. Then again maybe it is for her. So that makes this rose-gold radiant timepiece would be a perfect addition to her jewellery.

Flynn Boots


If your mom loves to go places, then she’ll love to go places with this winter footwear. The warm leather feel just screams of adventure this Christmas season. SOURCE

Baby Shoes Key Chain


Mom treasures everything that reminds you just how little you just were when you entered this world. Don’t let her forget even one second of the precious moment only you and her can ever share, for after all, you are the key to her happiness. SOURCE

Oversized Metal Family Tree Sculpture and Frames


She is proud of you. You’ve known that since the moment you were born. Share that emotion to everyone with this unique house decor sculpted into a family tree with photos of all the members. Since Christmas is all about family, then nothing can come close to this one. SOURCE

Satin Pashmina Scarf


Red, because of its bright character, brings out mom’s equally bright attitude especially when it’s the holidays. It doesn’t matter if the party is formal or not, day or evening, this soft wrap will stay stylish no matter what. SOURCE

Funnel Neck Jumper


When you were kids, she loved dressing you up with the nicest clothes her caring hands can get a grab on. This Christmas is the perfect time to return that favour by gifting this chic knitwear that will make her look more fabulous than she already is. SOURCE

Nutella Cookbook


Everybody loves Nutella. That is now a known universal fact for human beings. Moms, especially love to make things more wonderful things with it. Don’t let her stop with just that Cheesecake recipe, give her 30 more way to make your Christmas dinner the best yet. SOURCE

Ivanka Trump Asymmetrical Trench Coat with Rhinestone Brooch


She will be going out a lot this Christmas with all the parties and family gatherings, and the endless groceries and shopping. So let her go out with a fierce style that only a wool-polyester winter coat with a stunning rhinestone brooch can deliver without fail. SOURCE

Splash Spoon Rest


Do you ever get that feeling that mom wants to be creative and funny in the kitchen at times. Well, if you ever do, this is the perfect and unique gift you need to get her. It may confuse her at times, but that’s all good since she is one of the best kitchen wizards in the world. SOURCE

Classic Jar Scented Jar Candle


Most of the times, it’s the simplest thing that can mean a lot to mom. Like this scented candle in pink. It doesn’t say a lot to her…other than you want her to know that you care for her and you always will for more Christmases to come. SOURCE

Diamond Accent Snowflake Pendant Necklace


Moms were once little girls too, so snowflake pendants area a sure yes on the gifts checklist.  This piece is also plated in 10K white gold that only adds more sparkle to already sparkling winter charm. SOURCE

Swan Planter


Enchanting and beautiful like the real thing itself, but made lovelier with mom’s plants. This stunning ornament could be that missing puzzle piece mom has been hunting for all year long. SOURCE