Here are some beautiful and easy to make christmas table centerpieces. When the cold winds blow outside and the snowflakes start to fall, we settle indoors and turn our minds towards the holiday season. We fill our homes and our hearts with things that bring us joy and makes us cheerful. Color and shine takes on many forms during the holidays and one of the easiest ways to bring the Yuletide feel to your home is by creating beautiful tabletop décor. Turn the coziest gathering spot in your home into a stage for some delightful Christmas magic.



Kaleidoscope of Color


The merry mingling of holiday bulbs of all colors and sizes fills a glass vase to the tippy top with a glittery glow.  Bring your table to life or deck a mantel with a kaleidoscope of Christmas color.


Rise Above


A pedestal dish provides a peaceful resting place for delicate greenery and a collection of warm glowing candles.  Add a dash of color with bulbs or other holiday trim to bring holiday charm to a table.

Wrap It Up


A pyramid of wrapped boxes tied together with a hearty red bow dress this table in Yuletide cheer.  Secure the stack on a colorful plate and throw in a few glittery bulbs for an extra touch of WOW.




Transform your table top into an enchanted display with shimmery silver and frosty blue bits of holiday décor.  A crisp tray anchors a set of dashing reindeer as they frolic under glistening snowflakes.  Frosty blue bulbs give a cool wintry feel to the scene.


Contemporary Color

Glass vases and containers area a great starting point for holiday decorating.  When filled with bulbs and other seasonal symbols, they bring color and pizazz to an otherwise common space.

Glorious Greenery


A table top springs to life with the addition of a miniature evergreen tree and collection of cacti.  A garland of red beads adds a touch of merriment to the tree as small bit of trim mingles at the base.


Very Vintage


A vintage cake stand becomes a delightful centerpiece when filled with elements from the outdoors.  Evergreen sprigs coupled with pine cones dance around a pair of pillar candles just waiting for a chance to shine.  Nearby a pair of small gift boxes, tell us Christmas is on the way!


Simple Beauty


It only takes a couple of beautiful elements to work some magic on this table top.  Pine cones and a strand of delicate pearly trim adorn a simple glass vase in preparation for the holiday season.


Tiered Treasure


This creative masterpiece will have your family and friends leaning in to take a closer look.  Brilliant Christmas bulbs layered to perfection with delicate greenery and shimmering ribbon form a magnificent holiday centerpiece.

Peppermint Passion


A clear glass mug becomes a display piece when filled with a yummy collection of peppermint goodies.  Invite your guest to sample from a display that is not only pretty but tastes great too!


Glistening Wonderland


As your family snuggles around the table this Yuletide season, give them a glamourous wintry wonderland to enjoy.  A pair of silver evergreen trees flank the scene as a handsome reindeer stands at attention.  Bits of greenery and frosty blue and silver bulbs add a winter time chill to the scene.


Ruby Red Rhapsody


Pull out those old metallic plate chargers from years ago and give them a new job as the anchor to this beautiful holiday centerpiece.  Fill with a trio of pillar candles wrapped with a strand of your favorite ribbon.  Sprinkle with shimmering bulbs and trim to complete the look.


Tasty Treat


The vast array of specialty candies and goodies available during the holiday season makes for some quick and easy decorating ideas.  Layer wrapped candy in clear jars and vases for instant seasonal cheer.  Add the tasty treats to other Christmas décor to create a delightful delicious display.


Textured Treasures


A primitive wooden bowl becomes the starting point for this wonderfully crafted centerpiece.  The texture of natural coral against breathy sprigs of evergreen add interest and depth to the concept.  Candles add the possibility of nighttime ambiance.


Beautiful Bouquet


Filled nearly to the top with an explosion of vibrant red cranberries, this glass vase transforms itself into a work of art when filled with the graceful beauty of a bouquet of exquisite roses.  It is simple, sensational and spectacular!


Let It Shine


Capture the twinkle of the holiday season on your table top with the heavenly glow of a pillar candle shining forth from behind the clear glass of a hurricane globe.  Raise the flame from a pedestal dish and encircle with evergreen and berries for holiday charm.


Twinkling Tiers


The center of your table acts as a stage on which you can delight and intrigue your guests with unique and unconventional displays of holiday elegance.  A lighted three tier pedestal becomes a work of art as it fills the space with seasonal beauty.


Happy Hours


Turn your table into party central with a collection of glitzy bulbs and shimmery ribbon.  Nestle everything together on a glass plate to easily move from one place to another.  Fill your hours around the table with cheerful holiday happiness.


Breath of Nature


Add natural beauty to your holiday table with the combination of frosty pine cones and candlelight.  Fill a glass pedestal display with a base of white gravel and build your design from there. A burlap runner adds additional texture.


Party Time


Give your holiday table a cheerful party time feel by filling your stemware with a collection of holiday bulbs.  Choose colors that accent your décor or stick with a more traditional Christmas color palette.


Collective Creation


A palette of holiday color springs forth from inside a collection of beautiful glass containers.  Groupings and collections make a great display when filled to the brim with color and shine.


Silvery Sensation


Silvery elegance shines forth form a singular candle encircled with shiny silver bulbs.  A silver plate charger acts as the base for this classy, brilliant piece. Make several displays to sprinkle around your home this holiday season.


Upside Ambiance


Common household items find new purpose with a little creativity.  Here we transform stemware into a unique display element filled with cheerful holiday color.  Turn stemware on end and fill with colorful candy or trim.  Top with a candle and see how many comments you receive!


Peppermint Pleasure


The pairing of red and white adds a cheerful feel to this collection of pedestal jars.  Stage a table top or mantel with an extra pop of jolly cheer with this winning color combination.


Clean & Crisp


The bounty of nature comes indoors with a hearty display of evergreen and frosted pine cones encircling a single crisp candle. Timeless simplicity never goes out of style during the Christmas season.


Berry Magical


A cocktail of cranberry beauty fills a glass vase as a single tea light adds a bit of warmth.  Sprigs of evergreen provide a touch of Christmas charm and a natural element to the design.


Berry & Bright


A parade of vibrant happiness marches boldly down this seasonally adorned table top.  Silver chargers anchor glass vases filled with luscious cranberries and crisp white candles.  Add a silvery fabric table runner to complete the look.


Warm Welcome


A contemporary white dish houses a collection of small votive candles.  Old fashioned candy favorites add a bit of tasty charm and nostalgia to this tabletop design.

Simple Sweetness


These little pieces of sweetness are so simple to make that even the kids can help out.  Cut tree shapes from old holiday cards or stock paper to create a little village of tasty holiday treats.  Use as a place holder or table favor by adding the name of your holiday guests.


Seasonal Spectacle


The twists and turns of gentle branches coated in metallic paint add a graceful element to this seasonal display.  A rainbow of colored bulbs brings a slightly contemporary feel to this artful design.


Primitive Glow


Carved from common bottles you probably already have, this centerpiece has a rustic feel that will bring primitive charm to you table.  Cut bottles on a weathered slab of oak act as lanterns for the soft glow of small votive candles.  Cozy and inviting!


Berry Pretty


A handmade wooden bowl houses a profusion of holly berries in this seasonal display.  Primitive and uncomplicated, bring color and charm to your kitchen table throughout the holiday season.


Pom Pom Party


It’s a pompom party as graceful branches support an array of puffy colorful balls.  Small bits of shiny trim and a jute accented vase dress this table in unique seasonal style.


Berry Bright


The colors of Christmas fill this pair of glass vases to the tippy top with a cheerful feel.  Graceful berry filled branches spring forth in holiday delight.  The uses for a design like this are endless.


Birch Beauty


The earthy beauty of white birch works well with the traditional colors of Christmas.  Graceful greenery springs forth with the accompanying accents of berries and pine cones. Create one or a whole collection of these earthy masterpieces to add warm natural beauty to your holiday home.


Light & Lovely


Celebrate the birth of Christ with a centerpiece tribute to the purity and simplicity of the holiday season.  Rising above the frosted pedestal base is a large pillar candle encased in a hurricane globe.  Bits of nature and holiday trim add a fanciful essence.


Spiced Sensation


Warm up your home in a hurry with the soft glow of candlelight and the generous dose of fresh cinnamon sticks.  As the cold season comes and the doors and windows are shut tight, treat your senses to the traditional aroma of hearty spices.


Shimmer & Shine


Tight spaces and small nooks and crannies provide opportunities for little decorating surprises.  Create a small but sensational display to tuck into a small space with the addition of greenery and shiny bulbs to a common mason jar.


Floral Fusion


The collective elegance of the time honored poinsettia finds a place of honor on a set of vintage pedestal trays.  Bottles and vases of various sizes and shapes house the botanical beauties for a Yuletide winner.


Bountiful Berries


Berries and lots of them fills this bright red tray to the top with a rich hearty elegance.  Flames dance across a traditional palette of Christmas candles.  Evergreen sprigs add outdoorsy charm.