A Christmas time wedding provides a unique opportunity to marry the holiday season with one of the most memorable days of your life. Weaving the beauty of holiday décor into your special occasion adds a traditional classic touch. Whether your choice is a simple homespun country wedding or the glitter and glamour of a full scale event, a Christmas backdrop adds another layer of special to your day.

Here Comes the Bride


A heavily garnished staircase and doorway fit for the passage of a princess welcome all who enter with heavenly holiday pageantry.  Lavish greenery holds a protrusion of traditional Yuletide trim to delight the eyes of all who enter.


Dazzling Duo


A frosty pair of ample pine cones dangle playfully from an exquisitely tied mauve ribbon.  Slung over the back of guest sitting, these little earthy accents give a special touch of charm to the day.


Ring of Beauty


A seat of honor is marked with a ring of seasonal beauty as it awaits a worthy occupant.  Small personal touches and special accents create a personalized feel to a memorable occasion.


High & Mighty


A rhapsody of radiant red roses sits high and mighty above this immaculately dressed table.  The statement centerpiece sets the tone for a regal atmosphere fit for kings and queens.


Rustic Romance


Cozy around a rustic table and bask in the warm glow of the candlelight, as you mingle with guests in this romantic setting.  Practical table settings and traditional table décor lend itself to a relaxed and inviting celebration.


Tiny Treasure


Treat your guests to the pleasure of a handmade treasure made with love.  A clear glass bulb becomes a reminder of your splendid celebration when it is filled with a special accent and labeled with love.


Very Vintage


Strands of lights twinkle and shine when they are bedazzled with the vintage beauty of timeless ornaments.  Garnish your celebration with the soft beauty of classic baubles and beautiful trimmings.

Enchanted Escape


Like a scene from a mythical story, the enchantment created by this wintry fantasyland is absolutely magical.  Whitewashed trees line the center aisle creating a canopy of glowing splendor as the warmth of candlelight guide your guests to their places.  Looks like your Fairy Godmother waved her wand over your perfect day!


Raining Romance


Unique and spectacular, this seasonal inverted design makes for quite a dazzling highlight to your reception area.  Twinkling crystals catch the light from the burning pillar candles below as your guests soak in the grandeur of your special day.


Love’s Alive


Showcase your gift table or the Bride & Groom tale with a wall of twinkling clear lights and a message of LOVE.  Embellish the table with a hearty garland of soft color on a bed of evergreen for a romantic look.


Burning Love


Simple glass jars tucked into the hollow of a birch branch add a warm and earthy seasonal feel to your celebration.  Small bits of evergreen and a jute accent give homespun appeal to these easy to make and inexpensive table luminaries.

The Color of Love


Traditionally, the color red has been a symbol of LOVE.  This overstated and showy floral centerpiece makes the statement of just how big and bold your love is on this special wedding occasion.  A delicate sprinkling of petals and the small glow of tea lights adds a blazing burst of color to your tables.


Flaming Love


Berry branches arranged with love in a stately glass vase adorn this guest table with style and grace as the tiniest of hanging votive candles twinkle to perfection.  Turn the lights down low and treat your guests to a delightful celebration filled with love and romance.


Bask in the Glow


Round tables are the perfect setting for your guests to chat and share in the warmth of your wedding reception.  A large and lovely lighted display provides a central focus and a romantic glow to a nighttime celebration.


Heartfelt Thanks


Beautifully adorned fabric napkins provide a wonderful opportunity for saying THANK YOU.  A hearty chunk of wood topped with delicate bits of nature become a heartfelt message when coupled with a note of thanks.


Garnished in Greens


A generous gathering of evergreen adds a seasonal touch to the chair backs when arranged in a swag design.  Attach a message for an extra bit of Christmas charm.


Light It Up


Simple strands of white lights add a celebration feel anytime of the year and especially during the holiday season.  Don’t hold back…string lights on pillars and pews, doorways and hallways to add a magical twinkle to every area of your wedding day.


Heavenly Glow


When you are considering a night time wedding event, one of the key elements to consider is the use of light and how much light you will need.  Candles and hanging lights in small wattages give you the light you require for your guests to feel comfortable but also the ambiance you are seeking on such a romantic occasion.


Fancy Florals


A single tall clear glass vase filled with red berries and topped with a gracious bouquet of radiant carnations creates a central table display with a feel of the holiday season.  The traditional color palette of the Christmas season works well with a wedding celebration to add warmth and love.


Divine Display


A collection of glass vases in varying sizes and shapes provides endless ideas for unique and colorful designs.  Follow the flavor of the holiday season and fill with trim and bits of glorious color for a showy wedding day display.


The Two Became One


Mingle a duo of holiday bulbs in a clear glass vase and top with a holiday inspired floral arrangement to add a little glitz and glam to your guest tables.  Tie the look together with fabric tablecloths and napkins for an extra bit of holiday feel.


Unity Tree


A stately graceful branch secured in a glass vase filled with the shimmer of clear glass beads dresses this wedding table in romantic style.  A handful of tiny votive candles dangle overhead as guests party the night away.


Circle of Love


The circle has always stood as the symbol of unity as there is no beginning and there is no end.  Add a symbolic accent to the guest chairs at your wedding celebration with the addition of a simple evergreen wreath dangling from a wide piece of fabric or ribbon.

Happily Ever After


Tables dressed in the best the season has to offer will have your guests feeling the love.  Classic evergreen arrangements accented with pillar candles grace your celebration as festive green stemware and red fabric napkins continue the holiday theme.

Up Up & Away


Dance the night away in the glow of a deliciously decorated reception area.  Graduated glass vases filled nearly to the top with an abundance of rich cranberries and topped with the glow of a single tea light complete the romantic look.


Bridal Bliss


Illuminate your wedding celebration with the glamourous look of stately pure white florals perching on the top of oversized glass vases.  Crystal accents and glittering branches add a feeling of enchantment.


Delightfully Decked


Create the feeling of a holiday meal around the table when you use traditional Christmas décor at your Yuletide wedding celebration.  Holly and berries dance around the pedestal base of a pillar candle as candy canes add a cheerful touch to the festive table.


Handmade Happiness


Simple seasonal décor adds a homespun feel to your special day.  A jute accented mason jar brimming with a colorful tribute to the season would work well on tables or in small areas in need of a little extra touch of charm.


Cozy Candles


Create your own twinkle and glow with this inexpensive handmade bit of natural décor.  Carefully nestle small votive cups in prepared pine cones for instant seasonal charm on your festive day.


Eternal Evergreen


The graceful draping of an evergreen swag adds a little something special to the back of a guest chair at this wedding celebration.  Simple enough to prepare yourself, add a special touch with a little bit of effort and not a lot of expense.


Language of Love


Liven the table décor with a vibrant arrangement of berries and rose buds projecting from a tall glass vase.  This tall and statuesque design is showy and seasonal with an elegant feel.


Frosty Flutes


Take your first toast as Bride & Groom from the frosty elegance of a pair of magical champagne flutes.  Trimmed in a glistening bow and snowflake accents, this pair of flutes will earn a place of honor is your wedding day memorabilia.


Step of Faith


A small vintage wooden step ladder provides an amazing backdrop from which to create a primitive festive design.  Layer with candles, Baby’s Breath and other delicate items befitting of a wedding celebration for a cozy bit of country charm.


Ladder of Love


Create a Ladder of Love at your wedding celebration to display country accents and perhaps a container or two of sparklers just waiting to be lit by eager fingers.  Set your celebration aglow with the old time feel of a sparkling night time party.


Veil of Innocence


Graceful and elegant, these end of pew accents are a charming way to add a romantic feel to your church ceremony.  Reminiscent of a bridal veil, the sheer fabric daintily flows with a handsome arrangement of pine cones and evergreen enhancements.


Spirit of Love


White roses and delicate Baby’s Breath are a classic wedding floral combination.  When housed in a hanging metal lantern, you have a beautiful wedding day accent.  Hang from shepherd hooks for an outdoor accent or use on the table tops as centerpieces.


Glowing Hearts


Huddled together center stage in the middle of the guest tables on a bed of herbs and berries are a grouping of pillar candles aglow with warmth.  This simple classic grouping adds a traditional touch to a classic table setting.


Contemporary Creation


Mix it up a bit and give your wedding reception a contemporary flair with the creation of this centerpiece design.  A simple branch adorned with the tiniest of shiny purple bulbs and flanked by a pair of votive candles adds a festive touch when centered on a black and white striped table runner.


Cascading Creativity


Create a wall of cascading beauty using clear fishing line and tiny bits of glam and glitter.  Tie sparkly and natural elements together and hang as a backdrop to a bigger display or above a table for added interest.


River of Love


As the day unfolds, and your guests settle in for an evening or fun and romance, set your tables aglow in the golden warmth of a multitude of candles and lights.  Run your tables with a golden fabric and sprinkle with gold holiday bulbs to create a river of golden love at your wedding event.