A bannister, whether old and stately or simple and practical, can easily be transformed into a glorious Yuletide statement. Festive elements of the season fused together in a small space add depth and style to your holiday décor.

A generous backdrop of greenery can be adorned in a multitude of ways to create a blanket of Christmas spirit around your staircase. Add warmth and illumination with the addition of glowing lanterns or strands of twinkling lights. Tie it all together with bows and bulbs to cordially welcome the joyous, heavenly season.

Christmas Americana


A touch of primitive Americana hangs from a bannister wrapped in the greenery of the holiday season.  Clear lights add a warm embrace and old fashioned charm to these classic country trimmings.


Bountiful Beauty

This regal passageway is brimming with an abundance of heavy foliage and punctuated with stately rich red bows.  A collection of lanterns nestled on the steps illuminates the festive look.


Ding Dong Ding


Like notes on a sheet of music, this display of hanging Christmas bulbs dances across the wall under a rich wooden bannister.  The jewel tones against the white backdrop of the staircase richly accents the festive area.  A glowing lantern on a set of nearby nesting tables completes the look.


Dripping in Gold


An illuminated gathering of slender twigs provides the foundation for a dazzling staircase display dripping in gold accents.  Strands of golden beads hang from the heavily garnished stairway as sprays of greenery anchor the area with warmth.


Yuletide Bliss


Tiny lanterns cast a warm holiday glow against a backdrop of seasonal artistry.  Burlap bows tie the traditional roped garland to a hearty wooden bannister. Beautifully accented with berries and pinecones, this timeless look has classic appeal.


Pretty Peacock Palette


Merrily dancing up the stairs of this festivelydecorated area is a colorful palette of peacock- inspired holiday trimmings.  The heavily adorned garland casts a brilliant showy style to what it otherwise a practical, basic bannister.


Burlap Bows


Heavy evergreen garland drapes a simple bannister in homespun country charm.  The primitive burlap woven bows and cozy bench add a welcome vintage touch.  Santa’s reindeer dash across a holiday pillow.




A swooping garland of greenery provides the perfect place to display holiday stocking as they await the arrival of Santa.  The cozy feel of Yuletide warmth veils the staircase area with time-honored tradition.  Rich chocolate brown satin bows give a stylish touch to the creamy stockings.


Crisp & Cordial


A fine garland of Scotch pine sprigs festoon the bannister with seasonal elegance.  Crisp white satin bows coupled with pops of holiday color dance their way up the merry staircase.  A fresh combination of colored bulbs and satiny white ribbon give an airy feel to the area.


Here Comes Christmas


The wispy evergreen punctuated with long satin bows evokes a church-like wedding feel to this country bannister.  The long draping garland gives a heavy, earthy tone to this naturally bountiful display of seasonal beauty.


Ruby Red


Ruby red bulbs accent a traditional lighted garland gracing this wooden bannister.  The merry glow of light and rich color tip toe up the bannister.  A collection of white stars adds a festive touch.


Winter Pageantry


A cascading display of winter bounty tumbles down this glorious bannister with traditional Christmas beauty.  Deep red bows punctuate the pageantry of evergreen boughs. A side table of holiday adornments waits at the base of the stairs.


Two-toned Tidings


Put a modern twist on the tradition of Christmas garland with a festive display of oversized two tone holly leaves accented with clusters of bright red berries.  Make a creative contemporary statement on your holiday bannister with this show-stopper!


Twists & Turns


Naturally beautiful, this winter themed combination of greenery and pine cones twists and turns itself along a traditional bannister.  Large pine cones and pheasant feathers give outdoor appeal to this fresh design.


Festive Fanfare


Clusters of paper fans makes for an unusual and jubilantstatement on this holiday bannister.  The delicate simplicity of welcoming hues add a delightful festive touch.  A pair of gift boxes nearby announce the season of giving.


Christmas Charm


Anchored with antiquity, a well-traveled area becomes a cozy country Christmas corner showcasing vintage accents.  A perfectly placed pair of skates and pair of holiday pillows evokes of feeling of yesteryear.


Garnished in Gold


A double strand of golden beads drapes gracefully from a simple green garland as a golden fabric bow tumbles over a cluster of crisp white bulbs. This tastefully simple combination adds holiday charm.




Fresh blue and white checked ribbons tie up this staircase area in holiday spirit.  A sparsely lit garland flows up the staircase as a miniature white tree accents top of a nearby antique chest.


Pillar of Holiday Happiness


Overflowing with country charm and elegance, this bannister post is buried in Christmas time beauty.  A natural fabric bow weaves itself effortlessly through the abundant greenery and complements the  cascading pine cones and berries.  A pair of vintage skates adds a finishing touch.


Bejeweled Bannister


Feast your eyes on this magical display of holiday embellishments.  A rainbow of colorful bulbs joins forces with the beauty of white light on a bed of greenery.  This bannister is a  brilliant display of Christmas enchantment.


Fanciful Fuchsia


Fuchsia bows grab the attention of this festooned holiday bannister.  On a bed of greenery, the rich color of fuchsia and turquoise garnish the staircase will holiday delight.Adding charm to the space is a pair of gift boxes underscoring the colorful theme.


Frosty Fantasy


A frosty palette of color creates a magical winter wonderland along this twisting bannister. Glistening silver ornaments dangle and delight as they transform this stairway in icy amazement.


Pillars of Light


The golden glow of pillar candles twinkling behind clear glass beckons visitors up this inviting evergreen draped staircase.  Plump holiday stockings top the garland with Yuletide ambiance.


Good Tidings


Red and white bulbs reflect in the twinkling light of a bannister encased in holiday elegance.  The subtle glow of white lights brings the bannister alive in seasonal splendor.  The heavily adorned area creates a feeling of Christmas grandeur.


Tagged Treasures


Thoughtful holiday surprises yet to be given add a creative decorative flair to the wispy bed of greenery.  Plaid ribbons and nostalgic gift tags add a homespun touch.


Tiny Treasures


Holiday garland wrapped with precision and accented with tiny elements of Christmas cheer create a seasonal celebration.  Small red votive candles tucked safely between vertical rails adds a pop of color.


Merry Little Christmas


Stockings and topiary chase each other up the bannister with holiday charm.  A Christmas reminder perches itself under a casual display of country bows and stars.  Warm country charm decks this area for the heavenly season.


Airy & Bright


Quilted Christmas stockings find their rightful place on a bannister adorned with seasonal beauty.  Pristine white fabric against the accent of natural green creates an outdoor wintry feel.  Pine cones peek out from behind the greenery to complete the outdoor feel.


Silvery Spectacle


The icy feel of silver creates a winter wonderland of shiny delight.  Metallic miniature buckets brimming with sparkle fill your eyes with glistening beauty.  Looks like Jack Frost cast an icy spell on this mesmerizing display.


Holiday Greetings


A touch of country charm is on display with this homespun decorating idea.  An evergreen wrapped bannister tied with festive bows is showcased with holiday greeting cards.  Primitive wooden clothespins add to the country charm.


Winter White


A cool white garland meanders up a heavy wooden bannister with simple elegance.  The stark contrast between the dark heavy wood and the delicate crisp white garland creates a refined traditional exhibit.


Glorious Green


Lime green bulbs punctuate a richly adorned garland as it twists its way up the staircase.  Frosty snowflakes and silver accents pair up to WOW your holiday guests.




An understated message of holiday cheer is neatly on display this Christmas season.  A strand of burlap fabric winds itself around a bannister accented with springs of holly leaves.  A nearby dish of shiny holiday bulbs adds a pop of seasonal color.


Bring the Outdoors In


A combination of outdoor bounty unites to wrap this bannister in wondrous beauty.  Sprigs of ivy coupled with clusters of red berries are intertwined on a bed of evergreen.  This indoor display has an air of the great outdoors.


Frosty Fellows


Frosty fellows cling together in holiday delight as they playfully make their way along the bannister.  A youthful merry holiday spirit greets family and friends when they happen upon this fun twist of Christmas spirit.