This Christmas, decorate not just your yard, mantle and porch but your dinner table as well. You want to set the holiday mood for your guests to enjoy the Christmas Eve feast. By decorating your dinner table, you will not just create a festive ambiance but will make the celebration more memorable. While the all-time favorite colors for Christmas are red, green, gold and silver, don’t be afraid to try something new. Be creative. Get inspiration from these fabulous and festive Christmas table decoration ideas.



Glittery Christmas Table Decorations


Give your table a boost. This holiday season make a beautiful centerpiece. Silver and gold make a perfect decorative collection.

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Cranberries and Candles


This holiday season put your candles on the table. A refreshing way to serve cranberries this with illumination comes with red and pine trimmings.

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A Centerpiece Bundle


White candles and loose ornaments make a festive centerpiece with a board table runner.

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Snowflakes and Candles


Use those pine cones collected during springtime to spice up your yuletide dinner table.

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Joyful Illumination


Candles and bows dress up a table setting with holiday leaf trimmings. It’s easy to make your table fresh and exciting with simple ideas.

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Five-Minute Christmas Luminaries


Jelly jars, candles and cranberries make a quick decorative centerpiece. Quick and easy, these floating candles are fancy and practical.

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Antique Boxes and Rustic Decors


Recycle your antique boxes. Bell pickling jars and candles make a pictorial table piece. Pine cones and tree trimmings enrich this magical Christmas décor

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Simple and Elegant


Pomegranates and floral trimmings are unfussy and fragile. These Christmas centerpiece ideas are subtle and coruscating.

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Gilt-edged Christmas Table Settings


Nothing says Christmas at the dinner table than golden trimmings, gilded plates and decorative napkin holders.

Birch Centerpiece


Sculpted reindeer makes the perfect ornament piece for the cut birch and pine cones in this table piece.

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Snowmen and Wine Glasses


A sliver plate base is perfect for holiday figurines and wine glasses. Poinsettia flowers are the perfect garnish for this jolly tray.

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Cork Christmas table Decor


Recycled corks and pine tree trimmings are perfect for the holiday table. Handmade holiday ideas are undemanding winter tabletop décor

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Tea Light Constellations


This easy table decoration is perfect for a festive family treat. Bows on plates, perfectly placed tea lights, and floral trimmings create a lavish centerpiece for pennies

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Radiant Candle Placements


White candles, and sliver candleholders are a great way to align a glimmering dining experience and show off a crafty holiday table design.

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Pine Tree Centerpiece


These pine tree saplings with burlap bottoms and bows will create an exciting tabletop conversation piece.

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Recycled Cans and Pine Cones


What better way to reuse, reduce and recycle than build a centerpiece out of steel coffee cans and festive tabletop ideas. Easy wintertime decorations are delicate and effortless.

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Christmas Lyrics


A printed table runner with Christmas lyrics is a great way to show off this holiday season. Friends and family will sing in the New Year with the help of this holiday centerpiece.

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Jelly Jar Illumination


Recycle your jelly jars with joyful aureate candles and peppermint strings and floral trimmings.

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Pine Cone Cocktails


These glinting glasses are a great gift idea with pine cone toppers and holly leaf accents.

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Birch Table Runners


Instead of putting birch branches in the fireplace this Christmas season, put a few trimmings on the table to create the best table runner. Tea lights and Christmas tree miniatures are a decorative addition.

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Christmas Ornament Bouquet


A basket and ornaments create a happy addition to your dinner table. This centerpiece is intricate and tranquil.

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Gingerbread Christmas Trees


Gum drops and frosting trimmings are the perfect additions to gingerbread ornaments. Perfect placements on the holiday table make a sweet table setting.

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Candleholders and Pine Cones


Your guests will rave about the exciting décor created with pine tree trimmings and cones. Candles accent this fancy holiday design.

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Candy Dish Table Runners


Give away those great gifts this holiday season displayed on the right centerpiece. Not only will it compliment your table but you’ll get compliments as well

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Candle Boards

Winter Wonderland Christmas Tablescape

Illuminate your holiday table with a centerpiece wooden plank. This wondrous table runner design is the talk of the party. Shimmering candles in preserve jars are the perfect addition.

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Peppermint Place Holders


Candy cane stripes bring out the holiday magic with whites and reds. Table runner accents and elegant dressings make a wonderful dashing display.

Antique Ideas


Reuse those antique wooden crates to emboss your holiday tables with candles and cranberries. This trouble-free centerpiece is inexpensive and lavish.

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Gift-Wrapped Cones


Dress up your holiday season with gift-wrapped candles. Some ornaments and seasonal garland are great accents to these tabletop centerpieces.

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Green and Rustic


Wooden crates and pine cones are what makes a centerpiece worth talking about this holiday season. Christmas tidings and pine tree trimmings spice up any dinner table.

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Holiday Greetings


A classic ceramic centerpiece sets the perfect table with candles and bows. Dress up the table with an effortless candlelit design.

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