Looking for Christmas yard decoration ideas? Here’s some beautiful collection of Christmas yard decor pictures…


Far or near, when Christmas comes chiming its way, all and any road leads back to home. This season, let your home give the warmest of welcomes as your yards flicker with lanterns, twinkle with lights, glisten with snowmen and shine with giant candy canes. The idea of the Holidays is very simple: share the love, the warmth and the fun.

Easy Christmas Yard Decor


Let everyone know that no one is ever be alone this Christmas. These matching shrubs of cloth and sprigs topped with a red ribbon says that friendship comes in many shapes and forms.


Ice Lanterns


Putting small lanterns on the steps is both thoughtful and charming. It’s as if the lights are telling you that something more wonderful is waiting for you up ahead, but take your time–these too are too good of a marvel to just pass by.


Glowing Gift Boxes


Let your lanterns disguise themselves as presents and make your yard illuminate the hearts of your loved ones as they come back home. Each box promises the best gift anyone can give: their time.


Solar Snowmen


Two heads are better than one, and two snowmen that refuse to melt in the sunshine and become one with the sunlight can definitely make your day brighter than you already planned.


Outdoor Pallet Snowman


No snow doesn’t necessarily mean no snowman in the yard. Paint some old boards white, get a red muffler, add a black wooden hat, put a big smile on its face and instant happiness falls upon you like winter.


Sparkling Hanging Lanterns


Fallen stars nestling overhead on your archway will make your yard look so cold, it’s so nice. Put in some fairy lights that flicker and flies and the illusion of a wintery magic somehow becomes a reality.

Outdoor Nativity Scene


Home is where your family is. Celebrate Christmas with our Lord in this Nativity scene. The message is simple yet resounding: family is the greatest gift of all.


Snowman Tires


Christmas is the best time to make new yourself and get new friends in the process. Even rubber tires can become best friends with Mother Nature when they transform into a snowman.


Magical Gathering


Show everyone how trees become alive in the midst of endless white by hanging Christmas bulbs of different designs and colors. With every jingle they make a spell is cast to bring joy all over the world.


Wooden Snowmen


You ignored them when they were inside the house. Now that they have come out and transformed to snowmen, your old staircase posts will want nothing more but to give you the warmest greetings every time you come home.


Pallet Christmas Tree


Whichever direction you choose, this outdoor Christmas tree made of wooden planks will point everywhere the holiday spirit is found, starting from your yard of course.


Lighted Wooden Tree


There are always lots of lights and bulbs to spare. An extra Christmas tree to light your yard doesn’t put a smile on your face, but to the rest of the neighbourhood as well.


Wrapped with Magic


Turn your excess ribbons and laces into a family of outdoor Christmas trees that will add more character to your yard. Although different in form, their function remains the same–wrap everyone with the magic of love.


Twinkle, Twinkle


Night time is never a scary hour during Christmas. Especially if you transforms your outdoor lights into wishing stars flying around your backyard. Kids will love how they disappear and reappear like magic. Best be ready for their wishes.

Glowing Snowballs


White stones turned into walkway lanterns can spell a thousand words. One of which is enchanting. How can it not be? Just one look and it will make you ask “I think Tinkerbell’s friends are inside those?”


Simple Yard Decor


Your yard stands out with a message: merry is the Christmas in this house. Because even old wooden boards become agents of happiness when you put random Christmas bulbs on it and a crafted wooden start on top.


Amazing Elegance


This Christmas pot filled with green sprigs and red-panted branches cone together so well with those red and silver bulbs. A rare ensemble but a familiar address for all to have the happiest of Christmases.


Delightful Decorated Mailbox


You know you’ve done good this year when the mailbox just brings in good news. Could it be those decors? Yup. That mix of ribbons to sprig and pine can really do a number to everyone.


Impossible to Miss


Seeming simple from afar, this tranquil wooden outdoor Christmas tree is speaks volumes of love and laughter. Even as it sits sleepily in the snow, eyes are sure to turn to it every single time.


Owl Figures


Exchange your garden gnomes with these snow owls. Bewildered they me seem, but they know they are in the right place, at the right time with the right task in mind–greet everyone with cheers and delight.


Tricky Treat


Even foliage get confused at times. At least they get confused during the holidays right? These shrubbery trio who think they are presents bring not only laughter to your home, but the spirit of fun and randomness.



Purpose is always given to those who are willing searching. This old wooden wheel can double as wreath or simply just a way to bring light through the night.


Mailbox Decor Idea


Wrap your mailbox with greens and plaid scarf. Couple it with winter boots and voila!


Huge Christmas Light Balls


Who said haybills can’t be Christmassy? Just change their shapes into a circle and put colored lights and the deed is done. They are used to lying around anyways, so why not let them continue to lie around but light up the yard while they’re at it?


Gang’s All Here


We are allowed to be kids again during Christmas. How can you not go home if your yard has a glass reindeer, a light-up snowman and a cute giant Santa Claus?

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Sparkle and Shine


Both beautiful and charming, this out lights wishing start set up is perfect way to tell your loved ones that your wishes have already been granted. Now it’s your turn to make other’s come true.

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Lighted Candy Cane


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Simply Beautiful


Going all out this year doesn’t mean you’re going crazy. What it means is that you’re going crazy just by the thought of Christmas. Honestly, what person wouldn’t?

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Bottle Lanterns


Cheers for beer, is what they all say. True indeed and the bottles can be re-used for lighting walkways of your yard for the season. One more reason why Christmas is amazing.