Put the finishing touch on your holiday outfit with an awe inspiring festive Christmas nail art design. From whimsical to chic to sophisticated, your beautifully manicured nails will be the hit of the party. The selections range from simple and straightforward to off the wall gorgeous!

There are so many Christmas nail art designs to choose from, you just may have to change your design several times throughout the holiday season. Let your nails be an expression of your inner beauty with one of our show stopping looks. Happy Holidays!

Snowman Sparkles


There’s no man like a snowman.  Adorn your nails with a whimsical snowman to celebrate your inner child this holiday season.  With just enough sparkle and just enough fun, this snowman design will bring out the smiles.

Via: Janelle Estep

Santa Hat Nails


From the top of his head to the boots on his feet, Santa is the main attraction during the Christmas season.  Bring a little touch of Santa to your wardrobe with a Santa cap nail design.  Maybe you could pass for one of Santa’s helpers!

Racey Reindeer


You might hear hooves on your rooftop when you sport this fun, sexy reindeer design on your nails this holiday season.  With the eye catching red sparkles and the sweet peekaboo face of Rudolph, your nails will not go unnoticed.  Take this reindeer design along on your holiday outings.

Via: Instagram

Elegant Holiday Tree Nails


Give your nails the look of elegance and sophistication with a classic design like this traditional, bedazzled holiday tree concept.  The rich burgundy background, topped with glistening silver makes for a magical combination.

Via: Pinterest

Ho! Ho! Ho!


The big guy in the red suit has made another appearance and this time it’s on your nails.  From the classic white beard to the gold buckle on his belt, this nail design captures the very essence of holiday fun.

Via: Pinterest

Holiday Holly Nails


Your friends will do a double take when they see this winning holiday nail design. Stunning clean, white background topped with contrasting black piping make a bold statement with this holly berry design.

White on Black


Who says the holidays have to be about red and green?  Step out in a new direction with this holiday nail design reminiscent of holiday images on a chalkboard.

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Green Christmas Nail arts


A simple design with an earthy outdoor feel, this nail design evokes the feeling of the great outdoors.  Let your nails showcase your connection to the simple beauty of nature this holiday season.

Via: The Nail Polish Challenge

Fancy Snowflakes Nails


Lift up those feet Prancer!  Fun and fancy flakes adorn the festive backdrop for a shadowy visitor.  The reindeer silhouette provides just that right touch to catch some attention.  Great design for all ages.

Via: Lady and the Stamp

Retro Christmas Nails


Let the retro feel of this vintage inspired design spread some holiday cheer this season.  The aqua and coral color combo provides just the pop of color to tie this winning design together.

Via: Sensationails4u

Confetti and Tree


Nothing says celebration like a fist full of confetti!  Contrasting hues of green set the backdrop for a dash of confetti and modern holiday design.  Perfect for the young or the young at heart.

Via: Lifeisbetterpolished

Baubly Christmas Nails


Stop the show with this retro- inspired design. The powdery blue base provides just the right amount of softness to highlight the spectacular detail of these vintage inspired Christmas bulbs.

Via: Sensationails4u

Holiday Sampler


Using the traditional colors and images associated with the holiday season, this nail design will accompany you from one event to the next.  The versatile and subtle images will transition seamlessly from day to evening.

Via: Sensationails4u

Glitter Galore


Nothing evokes thoughts of parties and festivities during the Christmas season like the beauty of glitter.  Let glitter add a little sparkle to your days with this dazzling design.

Via: stayglam

Snowy Day


Like looking out a window on a snowy winter day,  this nail design conveys your love for the season of snowmen.  Simple and clean, this nail creation is perfect for showing just a little bit of style.

Via: Pinterest

Wrap it Up


Everybody loves a surprise and this nail design screams unwrap me!  The beautiful rich glittery red base, topped with an eye catching gold bow is the perfect combination of class and whimsy.

Via: Source

Cotton Candy Christmas


Youthful colors and holiday designs are a winning combination in this festive nail concept.  Throw in a little glitter and you are all set for a day at work or a night on the town with friends.

Via: Source

Garland Nails


All eyes on this one because it’s a winner.  Stunning jewel tones adorn this creation set in a holiday light design.  These little stones will twinkle all day AND night!

Via: Source

Snow globe Nails


Like peering into a freshly shaken snow-globe, this holiday nail design will pull you into the wonder of Christmas.  Simple, clean and sparkly combine to bring a joyous look to your fingertips.

Via: Fairlycharming.blogspot.com

Christmas Special


Every child recalls the special Christmas shows from their youth.  Whether you’re talking about the Grinch, Frosty the Snowman, or the Gingerbread Man…this nail design has them all covered in beautiful detail.  Relive your youth with this fun throwback to the classics.


Everything Christmas


A stunning mix of holiday colors and designs will wear well day and night.  Let your fingers dance their way through this Christmas season with these traditional colors and designs.


Glamorous Green


Sink your eyes on the richness of this glamorous green holiday design.  Sure to be an eye catcher…the shine and sparkle of the stars team up for a winning combination.

Via: Sophiella

Winter Wonderland


Get out your ski sweater and tassel cap because this winter nail design will compliment it nicely.  A rich red backdrop, coupled with the crisp white snowflake design will carry you through the cold months of winter.


Traditional Christmas colors


Green, red and white team up with a touch of glitter to bring together this subtle holiday nail deign.  This holiday look can easily transition from day to evening.

Snowy and Pink


Turn your nails into a winter wonderland with the help of a little snowman and some creativity.  Vibrant red base combined with crisp white creates an amazing palette of wintertime fun.

Via: Polish Feen @polishfeen Instagram

Santa’s Helper


Santa can’t do all that Christmas preparation by himself.  He needs a helper!  Let this whimsical elf design show off your fun side this holiday season.


Frozen Nails


The deep blue background of this wintery design creates the illusion of a fresh snowfall.  Throw in a chubby snowman and you have all the makings of a timeless look.


Snowflakes and Reindeer


Like a traditional ski sweater, this design will evoke images of winter on the ski slopes.  The simple yet elegant wintery images provide an eye catching concept.


Ruby Red and Golds


Nothing is more rich and glamorous than the jewel tone of ruby.  Let your fingertips bask in the luxury of ruby red coupled with the striking shimmer of gold.


Penguin Parade


These little feathered friends dance across your fingertips this winter season.  Each sporting a slightly different element, these happy penguins will bring a smile to your day.

Via: Lacquertude.com

Festive French Tips



Silver and Glitters



Holiday Lights on Nails


Winter Wonderland Nails


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Simple Elegance



Golden Reindeer Mani


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Santa Hat Christmas Nails


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Festive Tree Delight


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Holly and Candy Cane Nails


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Christmas Pudding Nails


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The Nativity Nails


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