Here are some of the best Christmas candle Decorating ideas that will inspire you. What better way to light up your table with a couple of Christmas candles? Not only will these candles add a touch of elegance to your table, they’ll set the mood during your Christmas dinner. Here are some beautiful and mesmerizing Christmas candle decoration ideas.

Polar Bear Christmas Tree





Christmas Candle Decor


Dress up classic ceramic puts with radiant candles and holly berry trimmings.

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Candle Cinnamon Holder


Celebrate creatively by dressings up candles with painted cinnamon sticks and burlap strings. Glistering tabletops glow with great ideas with relaxing candlelight glow.

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Peppermint Dreams


Shot glasses with peppermint candies and candles are a perfect appetizer during holiday festivities.

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Suburb Luminaries


Angelic candle lights are the perfect supplement to your glass jars. Checkerboard fabric make wonderful ribbons.

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Christmas Ribbon Ornaments


Festive candles in silver platters brighten any holiday tabletop. Dangling ornaments on gift-wrapping ribbons are lucent Christmas reminders.

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Incandescent Candlelight


The perfect candle dressing comes with festive fabrics for bows with sprigs of holly berries as garnish. This will give any room a festive feel for the holiday.

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Glassy Dappling


The clear flower vase is an impeccable centerpiece when you fill it with dashing holly clippings.

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Wine Glass Glows


Float a candle in wine glasses trimmed with cranberries and pine tree clippings. These dressy ornaments are beyond compare.

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Floating Berries


Delicate holiday reminders come with candles, berries and pine cones. Emblazoned table ideas make great Christmas tokens.

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Candle Yummies


Make the holiday treats bejeweled with delicate candles and peppermint strings. Sprigs of holly and scented candles warm your house with the aroma of Christmas.

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Frozen Candles


Trim your sidewalk this holiday season with frozen candleholders made with bunt cake molds and pine tree trimmings.

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Candy Cane Candelabras


Centerpieces made with dinner candles based with candy canes and fabric bows. Put those yummy treats together and tie them with a colorful patterned ribbons and voila! You’ve got a perfect Christmas candle holder.

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Candles Stripes


Wrap your candle this Christmas with white sands and red strips of wax. This fancy candle idea is ideal for any room in your house.

Glitter Christmas Candles


Roll your favorite candles in glitters to bring out the best in your living room. These special lights sparkle even without the wicks lit.

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Christmas Candles


Tall candles are best with Elf dressings. Buttons, bows and ribbons make resplendent clothes for your candle elves.

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Snowman Candles


The snowman dressings in check board bows and buttons make your candles stand out with smiles and gleaming grins.

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Canned Dressings


Reuse your pickling jars with glaze and snowflake dressings. These glass ornaments glow with iridescent holiday charms.

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Snowflake Shot Glasses


These snowflake stencils are easy to put on your favorite holiday shot glasses. Garnish your tea lights with imitation snow made of dry rice.

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Candle Wraps


Garnish your candles with gift-wrapping and a platter full of Christmas ornaments.

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Candle Accents


Candle ideas are easy with the right strings, pine tree trimmings and burlap accents.

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Lacy Pickle Jars


Pine cones, lace trim and artificial snow go perfect with your recycled canning jars. This can give you a cozy luminary on Christmas.

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Snowman Candle Tops


Sprigs of holly and fabrics make your snowman candle a joyful treat. Fluorescent candlelit dreams come with smiley snowmen in fuzzy hats.

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Candle Booties


Warm up your candles with sock tops and yarn bows.

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Musical Candles


Your Christmas music sheets have more meaning when they are used to dress up your candles.

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Festive Holly Berries


Why not bring your jars in from the cold with strings and pine tree trimmings. Floating a candle in the perfect mix means to illuminate your wintertime festivities.

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Merry Christmas Candleholders


Reused candy tins painted with holiday stripes can make your candles spectacular.

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Candle Jugs


Glass milk jugs are prefect with the right candle toppers, filled with your favorite holiday garnish.

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Candle Displays


Make a candle collage with antique steam punk ideas. Holiday ornaments, sleigh bells and glitter-covered pine cones make a plank cut the perfect centerpiece.

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Yummy Lights


Apples, cookies, and candles can make the perfect holiday snack time illumination.

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Pallet Centerpieces


Dress up your holiday home with the right Christmas ingredients. A recycled wooden plank is the right choice for your favorite Christmas goodies, candles, pine cones and holly sprigs.

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