Men are weird. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t show them how much you appreciate having them in your life. The fact that they will continue to be weird can prove to be an advantage. At least they are predictable, right? That note aside, buying the best Christmas gift for your boyfriend can prove to be a struggle at some point that you start asking what else can you give a man who seems to already have everything? Well, here are 26 Christmas gift ideas for that question.


Personalized Puzzle Keychains


Inseparable even in the smallest of things. This gift is a cute and romantic reminder for both of, but for him, getting this from you means so much more than any present. FROM HATCH.

Herchel Retreat Backpack


A convenient and stylish carry-all backpack may be his best friend at times, but a retreat bag like this can be his lifeline of man-stuff that only he can’t live without. Getting this for Christmas, you know he’ll start taking you to new adventures. FROM NORDSTROM.

Personalised Cigarette and Lighter Case


Smart. Funny. Unique. These are the three keywords you will need in your search for the best gift for your man. FROM ETSY.

Nike Air Zoom-Vomero


Staying fit this Christmas shouldn’t be an option for the two of you. Keep him healthy by burning the food through a nice morning jog made comfortable by the guys at Nike. FROM NIKE

Work Search Word Mug


Time at the office sure can stretch longer. Add some little fun time to his coffee break this holidays with this special mug that keeps his mind working on his downtime. FROM BUY HIM THAT.

Wireless Headphones


He loves his music and he loves it really loud. But you don’t. And so do the neighbours. So here’s your perfect solution. A headphone that’s been proven the best in the market, plus it looks really nice along with his other tech toys. FROM BEATS.

Hand-Stamped Guitar PicK Necklace


Yes. It looks like something normally a girl would wear to accessorize. But a personalised gift like this from you will make him pour out his love even more. FROM ETSY.

3D iMax VR Headset and Glasses


They love toys and they love tech. This gift set is a combination of both. It is a bit pricey, but it is all worth it if you can make him stay at home for more than five hours. FROM AMAZON.

The Man Can All Natural bath and Body


Since men are clueless creatures, you need to show them the way the world works. Explain to them why it is also a guy thing to stay nice, clean and fresh, and by using this gift pack will make you love him more. FROM AMAZON.

Star Wars Care Package


Remember: they never grow up. Well…they do, but they just don’t. You’ll understand your man gets one of these from you. FROM PINTEREST

Shore Club Chest Stripe Crewneck Sweater


He secretly wants to look good around you, but the poor thing is just clueless. So make it your job to make him look perfect for the season. FROM NORDSTROM

iPhone 5s


For whatever reason it is, every guy wants one. It’s like oxygen for them. So let them breathe some more this holidays. FROM AMAZON

Personalised Engraved Chrome Lighter


Why most men desire to have one eludes one girl to the next, but getting one from his girl only means this a treasure that is one in a million. FROM FINDMEAGIFT



Their mobile devices can only handle your man’s needs so much. This Christmas, make sure they have enough power anywhere they may be. FROM PREZZYBOX

Funny Coffee Mug


Men love it when girls are being funny. They somehow feel relaxed a bit more. Do them one up with this personalised gift item that will remind them you are his funny girl. FROM ETSY

Heider Washed Leather Sneakers


Right smack in the middle of his fun side, this Christmas, a gift that will give him just a hint of sophistication will not hurt him at all. From casual to formal, any gathering will not be a problem for him. FROM NORDSTROM

Aviator Glasses


It’s not the UV protective lenses, nor is it the light weight metal chrome frame. Men just like to look as good as James Bond. Fulfil your man’s superspy fantasy this holiday season and make Daniel Craig run for his money. FROM MR PORTER

LDR Keychain


For him, paying attention to the smallest details of his life count the most. This keychain gift isn’t only on the personalised and funny side, but meaningful and precious. FROM ETSY

Chronograph Strap Watch


Time is the best gift of all and any season. But this Christmas, an actual timepiece that’s styled to perfection with world class design and function will do him good as well. FROM SAKSFIFTHAVENUE

Five Senses Gift Set


Now that it’s Christmas, it’s your turn to make him feel the most important man in the universe. With a gift set like this, it’s impossible for him not to feel so. FROM PINTEREST

Funny Personalised Necklace


For the photographer in him. Show how much you admire his creativity and own brand of artistry behind the lens with this pendant gift item. Though looking really simple, this will be his new favourite accessory for the holidays. FROM ETSY

Selfie Stick


Capture how the two of you celebrate love and life during the holiday seasons with the best selfie stick that’s easy to use and a nice (albeit different), addition to his toys. FROM AMAZON

Thread Wood Bead Indian Men’s Bracelet


If your man likes a tribal feel in his fashion, then this ethnic Indian Jewelry set that’s trendy and artfully finished in black and hints of white, is the best fit for him this Christmas. FROM AMAZON

Transcend 8GB MP3 Player


8 gigabytes of song memory may still be too small of a figure for your boyfriend who is the ultimate music lover. But, that’s more than enough for him if he gets ne from you this Christmas. FROM AMAZON

Personalised Wood Engraved Watch


With a Christmas gift like this, he will surely know that any time spent with him will always be the best time of your life. FROM ETSY



Bring out the man with a boy’s heart with this sensual looking perfume for men. Although there is hint of the Christmas colors, the fragrance alone more than compensates for it when your senses get stimulated the moment you smell the scent. FROM