He is our first superhero. Our go-to guy when we get lost in the middle of nowhere and realize we don’t even know how to change our car’s tires. He rescues us from just about any kind of danger since we were little, when all we can remember was that he was always at that end of the slide, waiting to catch us safely. And most important of all, he’s always been Santa’s substitute when he couldn’t make it to our house. This holiday season, mix things up and be his Santa with this 25 gift ideas perfect for the main man of our life.

Dad Clock


Make your dad feel how special your time with him is by gifting him this black wood-crafted clock with personalised messages and your names. SOURCE

Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. Wallet


He’s the biggest fan boy you know. Further his fanaticism of the show with this synthetic leather wallet complete with the SHIELD logo. Not only is it a great collectible, but it could really store almost all his important Ids and cards. SOURCE

No.1 Dad Keyring


It’s great that it says “No.1 Dad” and there’s and engraving of your names on the stunning silver. But what’s cooler is that keyring doubles as a locket that stores his most precious photos of his family. SOURCE

Keepsake Box


Elegant and gracious, functional and well-crafted, just about everything a dad needs to keep his little treasures and trivial effects in one place. Personalised with an engraved meaningful passage in golden letters, a gift like this for Christmas is already a priceless item. SOURCE

Tactical Flask


Perfect for that weekend camping or fishing trip (or both). Stylish with a dramatic and very militaristic flair, you shouldn’t even be having second thoughts on including this for his pile of Christmas presents. SOURCE

Just For Dads Photo Frame


Brighten up all your dad’s mornings with this photo frame that’s designed just for him. Personalize it with heartfelt messages to make sure he feels how very special he is to you. SOURCE

Auto Emergency Tool


Packed with everything from maintenance to emergencies, this 9-in-1 tool makes your dad not only look cool, but very reliable. SOURCE

Batarang Letter Opener


He is after all a superhero, so why shouldn’t he be equipped properly with the best stuff. Even if it just for opening letters, all the more reason since it is Christmas. SOURCE

Grenade Bag


Blast your dad’s Christmas morning up with this super cool mug that explodes with all your love for him. He’ll definitely be more than ready to hit the day’s battle with this one special gift. SOURCE

Portable Power Bank


With the advent of smart phones and tablet PCs, dads are often left wanting for more performance from their gadgets. Worry no more because this chic power bank can go anywhere with now. SOURCE

Backyard Bar Beverage Tub


It can hold up to 24 beer bottles together, yes. But with how this gift can be personalised to with your family name just make this gift his all-time favourite. SOURCE

Multi-tool Hammer


Remember that he doesn’t have all the time in the world in most days, so he’s the first efficient and effective multi-task person you know. This 1o-in-1 tool could be that best invention man has ever made. SOURCE

Spy Watch


Every dad once dreamed to be one at some random phase in his life. Maybe he still does, you never know. Regardless, getting him this watch that records both audio and video won’t be a bad idea at all. SOURCE

Executive Knight Pen Holder


Since he is the king of the house, and every king needs his trusty knight, or at least one that hands him his pen, then this that one knight perfect for that job. SOURCE

Swiss Army Knife


Fulfill his fantasy of being the MacGyver of your life with 10-function Swiss army knife. Go one step further by personalising it with his initials etched on that walnut wood scale. SOURCE

Leather Biker Jacket


This is the only item in the world that combines style, comfort and off-the-scale coolness in utter perfection. Plus, biker jackets can be worn in any season which is what makes this the must-have in any man’s wardrobe. SOURCE

Leather Glove


He’ll be getting a new leather jacket this Christmas, so throwing in a pair of leather yield gloves doesn’t only makes sense. It makes one very happy daddy.  SOURCE

Game of Thrones Dragonclaw Goblet Replica


This is one fine addition to his tabletop decors. A true collector’s item indeed, but also, your dad can still drink from it if ever he feels he wants to suddenly “play the game.” SOURCE

Leather Tech Organizer


Always ready to be on-the-go for his family and staying in line with technology is serious business for dads. Which is why a gift like this from you for Christmas would be the best decision you will have made.  SOURCE

Giant Robot Slippers with Sound


Well, this gift speaks for itself. It’s oversized, cute and funny. All the right words the coolest dad in the world needs to make his family feel…super! SOURCE

Stylish Military Boots


He will go to places just as long as it is for you. So this Christmas, have him well equipped with this cow suede combat boots that designed for high fashion and rough terrain. SOURCE

I Love My Dad Cutting Board


You know only the good stuff can come out when dad is in the kitchen. Make him enjoy more of this culinary passion with this good-looking cutting board personalised especially for him. SOURCE

Tactical Notebook


The one item he needs for when he needs to write his plans for the almost everything in his life to be the best dad there is. Also, the militaristic treatment of this gift is just too irresistible for him. SOURCE

Dwarven Leather Belt


His whole life is a big epic adventure. Accessorizing accordingly is more than a requirement, it could may as well be his lifeline. Dads can be really weird, but whatever, right? Belt form his favorite movie: check! SOURCE

Leather Clasp Bracelet


The thoughtfulness and love of this Christmas gift is so resounding, your dad will be wearing this all day every day. Aside from its stylish design, the engraved “daddy’ on the silver will just lift him up all the time. SOURCE