As we all knows that Christmas is the season of joy. It is the season of holidays and travel. it is the season of celebration and party. It is the season of bonus and extra money to spend. And I am sure that you are also preparing now to celebrate the Christmas, with spirit and fun.


I am sure that now the pinners are the biggest Christmas inspiration for others. People come here it get idea for Christmas decorations, Table clothes, gifts,costumes and food ideas. Here I am presenting you with 25 super Christmas Cakes and Desserts to you.

1. Christmas-cranberry-pound-cake


Look at the above mouth watering christmas cranberry pound cake?? I found this at If you think this is the Christmas inspiration you are looking then visit the website to make it. She has given step by step instructions and you can make it in 2 hours.


3. Apricot Fruitcake


What about the the apricot fruit cake? I have seen this mouth watering, tempting cake at If you love fruit cake i am sure that this one will bring more joy to your Christmas Celebration. So visit them and make it.



Here is another wonderful black forest mini cake. It is yummy and marvelous. You can make this cake by following recipe and instructions by Elizabeth LaBau at her website

Neapolitan Cheesecake


Another wonderful cake I have found recently is Neapolitan Cheesecake. You can make it by visiting



If you like strawberry instead of cranberry, then I think you may try this to make your christmas a delicious event. Find the recipe here

4. white christmas truffle cake


What about the above white  christmas truffle cake. So yummy isn’t it. I have found this at Please visit them If you are planning to make it

5. Cheerful Cherry Red Velvet Cake


Red is appetizing. So let us make Cheerful Cherry Red Velvet Cake, to spread the Christmas cheers, to your guests and family members. You can find the recipe of this wonderful cake at

6.Christmas Strawberry Pound Cake


Two weeks after publishing this post, I found people like Christmas Cranberry Pound Cake very much. It has becoming extremely popular on Pinterest. So just for curiosity I googled for Christmas Strawberry Cake. For my surprise a same type of cake with extremely similar photo has popped up for me. When I checked in detail eventhough the recipe is from different websites, the chef is same. That is non other than Mrs. Kristyn from So if you like Strawberry then visit

7.Strawberry Rhubarb Bread


I found this wonderful cake/bread at You you love strawberry I think this is the best bread you can make for this christmas

8. Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Cream Frosting


Love vanilla flavor?? then try the above Vanilla Cake with Strawberry Cream Frosting. it is wonderful. the taste of vanilla and strawberry will inspire your guests and make them admire you. So go for it. the recipe is here theansweriscake.comfrosting.

9. Walnut cake


What about having an wall nut cake. Then visit this blog and you will find from where can order a this cake to make your Christmas

10. Home made Wall Nut cake


Not happy with the above wall nut cake? Or you can not buy it as you are far away, then why can’t you try to make one at your home. Here you can find the wonderful recipe for Home made wall nut cake. so visit and you will find the step by step instructions and methods to create the above ckae

11. summer pear blackberry crumb cake


Look at the above image of summer pear blackberry crumb cake!!!. Mouth watering isn’t it?? Try this cake for this Christmas. It will be special. You can get the recipe at

12. Caramel Ice Cream Cheesecake With Salted Butterscotch Sauce And Meringue


Try this Caramel Ice Cream Cheesecake With Salted Butterscotch Sauce And Meringue before Christmas and see if you can impress your guests with this Caramel Ice Cream Cheesecake. You can find the step by step instructions at

13. Delicious Reddish Cake


Are you newly married or want to show your love and affection to your partner. Then go for the above Delicious Reddish Cake. You can find the methods and instructions at

14. Caramel  Ice  cream  Cheesecake  with  fruit  topping.


Caramel  Ice  cream  Cheesecake  with  fruit  topping is another way to please and surprise your guests and family. A cake served in glass!!!!. yes it is the above one is Caramel  Ice  cream  Cheesecake  with  fruit  topping served in glass. You can find the recipes and methods

15. Raspberry Cream Cheese Coffee Cake


I have found this Raspberry Cream Cheese Cake at It is real wonderful and Please visit them if you are interested to make it

16. Jamaican Christmas cake

jamaican-christmas-cakeWhat about having a Jamaican Christmas cake for this christmas. Traditionally the fruit in this Jamaican Christmas cake is steeped in port and rum for at least 24 hours. You can make this wonderful christmas cake yourself by following the recipe and instructions at

17. Mary Berry’s Victorian Christmas cake


This wonderful cake, is perfect match for Christmas. I am sure this cake will make you a special cooking expert in your circle and your friends will envy you. if you are ready then visit to make this cake. You can get ingredients and step by step instructions of this cake.

18. Genoa cakeGenoa-cake

What about Genoa cake?? If you like the above cake and surprise your guests and family members then visit here. I am sure you will be the winner

19. Rolo Cheesecake Recipe


Look at the above. Yummy and tempting cake. I have found this Rolo Cheesecake at paula’s blog. I am sure that your guests will love this cake. To make this visit her blog

20. Yummy Blueberry Cheesecake


What about making a special cheese cake for your folks on this Christmas. May be you are thinking that cheese cakes are common. But if you look at the above image, i am sure that you will have different opinion. I have visited 1000’s of blogs and recipe sites, while creating this post, to make sure that I am picking the most yummiest and that too have recipes and steps. I can definitely tell you that this is the one of the yummiest cake I have found. So if you feel impressed with the above image then visit



Why cant we think about cup cakes? if you like the above cake then go for it. Make it. Find the recipe here.

22. No-Bake Chocolate Peanut Butter Cheesecake Recipe


yummy tummy aarthi?? yes every body knows her. Especially Indians. here she comes with a mouth watering No Bake chocolate cheese cake. I am sure that this Cake will make your Christmas merry. So if you are not having baking oven then, this is one of the best choice for you. You can get the recipe and step by step instructions at\

24. Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake


Not happy with the above cakes?? Then why can’t you try the Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake. It is yummy, healthy and wonderful. You can find the recipe and step by step instructions at Healthy Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake 



Are you looking for some Gluten free Cakes?. Then may be this Cherry and Almond Cake will suit for you. This gluten free Cherry and Almond cake is so delisious and Nicky has explained the steps in detail. Please visit to make this.

26. Eggless Tres Leches Cake


if you are looking for something like milk cake then try this eggless tres leches cake. Soft and rich milky taste cake. This is so addictive. It’s made with 3 different types of milk. Yes this cake is super soft and Milky to taste you will surely fall in love and will make you a wonderful host for this Christmas. Manjula Bharath has published the recipe and step by step instructions how to make this super cake at her blog

27.West Indian Christmas Fruit Cake


Here  Alica Ramkirpal-Senhouse has published a wonderful West Indian Fruit Cake. She says “Alas, another popular Christmas cake! This is my moms favorite cake during Christmas time”. Not only that she says that they have tried different varieties of this cake over the years and last year they finally came to a conclusion that this is the recipe for a real Caribbean fruit cake! She love to  call this a West Indian fruit cake because to her knowledge, it is only in the West Indies that this cake is made this way.  if you are looking for a fruit cake recipe that has a moist, dense texture, with minced fruit that has been soaking in red wine for god knows how long, then you can visit her blog you can find step by step instructions and photos.



If you are not happy with any of the above, or it is too common in your kitchen, why can’t you try this one. This yummy, mouth watering cake will make your Christmas party best in the town and off course. You can find the recipe for this wonderful cake at






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