Beautifying your home for the holidays doesn’t have to cost you a lot of money. There are endless ways to add warmth and brilliance to your home using items you already have or ones that can be found on a leisurely walk through the woods.

Store bought craft items can add the pop and shine you are looking for on a small budget. Consider combining something old with something new when you are dressing your home for the holidays so you still have a little jingle left in your pocket for “playing Santa”.


Entry Way Elegance


Silver and gold balls add classic elegance to this entry way door with the gentle grace of a perfectly tied satin bow.  Give a dressed up feel to your home without the cost of an expensive ready-made store wreath by gathering your own trimmings and tying them together with love.


Double Duty Cutie


When Halloween comes to an end and thoughts turn toward the winter holidays, don’t throw those chunky pumpkins in the trash.  Instead, give them a fresh coat of white paint and accent with all the features necessary to create a frosty winter friend.  Station by your entry way as a welcome to family and friends.


Creative Crocks


In investment in a quart of milk paint will set you on the path to a decorating frenzy.  Transform simple glass jars into “vintage” crocks with a coat of paint and a classic stencil.  Fill to overflowing with the bounty of the winter season and you’ve got a homespun treasure.


Pop the Cork


Pop the cork and toast to the holiday season.  Then use the cork to create a tiny little tribute to winter beauty.  A simple sprig of evergreen stands at salute with the natural beauty of a cork base.


Dazzling Dome


Just about any Christmas decoration you can imagine takes on an extra special look when it is showcased under the protection of a clear glass globe. Gather some of your most colorful holiday trinkets and nestle them together for a bit of brilliance.


Silver Bells


A bag of jingle bells, a pipe cleaner, a piece of red ribbon and a little bit of time work a magic trick to create this very simple and very sensational little holiday wreath.  Make a whole bunch to hang from your tree or just make one and hang it from your door handle to add a jingle to your day.


Special Attraction


Create a special attraction with the addition of a handful of very colorful Christmas bulbs under a place of honor.  Glass domes and frosty snowflakes couple together to create this delightful display.


Lovely Lights


Use a string of lights in a large glass jar anywhere you need a bit of shine and a whole bunch of holiday twinkle.  Entry ways, mudrooms and hallways are great places to throw a little extra sparkle during the Yuletide season.


The Birth


Throughout the holiday season, the image of the birth of Jesus reminds us of the simple and uncomplicated joy of Christmas.  This very delicate ornament encasing the precious image of the Holy Family is lovingly adorned with a sparkling white bow.


Tiny Treasure


Tiny trinkets make wonderful inexpensive gifts for family and friends.  A trip to the craft store will net you a box of unfilled glass bulbs ready for your creative touch.  Fill with the smallest of holiday inspired items and deck with ribbons for a handmade keepsake.


Make A Snowman


Use your mantel as a canvas upon which to create the holiday vision you have been dreaming of.  Use key symbols of the Yuletide season in new and interesting ways and add a chalkboard for added fun and whimsy.  This mantel sports a fluffy faceless snowman waiting on the arrival of Santa.


Santa Seats


With little or no sewing skills required, you can turn your dining room table into a jolly and bright Santa inspired display.  Red and white felt and a bit of cotton come together in a series of caps fit for the jolliest of elves.


Sparkly Bits


Over the years and through the holidays, little bits of this and little bits of that seem to accumulate.  Put those bits together in unique and charming ways to create festive displays for little or no cost.  Fire up the hot glue gun and decorate your way to a delightful holiday arrangement.


Jars of Jolly


The great thing about a pair of glass vases is you can use and reuse them over and over again.  They easily transform from one look to another and from one holiday to another.  Filled with a lovely assortment of festive bulbs, these jars are ready for your mantel or table top.


Dressed Up


The simplicity of a single pine cone hanging gracefully from an evergreen branch bring quiet homespun charm to this Christmas tree.  A satin ribbon adds a “dressed for the holidays” feel to this understated bit of country charm.




Tiny galvanized buckets readily available at any craft store become an instant tree decoration with a little bit of creativity.  White paint, cotton balls, and a Sharpie work magically for a light hearted tribute to the winter season.


Happy Holly Day


A roll of heavy brown shipping paper easily transforms into a paper cone in which bits of Christmas beauty can easily be tucked for small impactful decorations.  Add a generous loop of natural jute twine for an instant easy hanging display.


Colorful Cones


Nontraditional colors add interest and fun to the holiday season when they are coupled with time honored items.  A large glass vase becomes a colorful seasonal display when filled to the top with a beautiful palette of soft color.


Kiss of Christmas


Gather up a handful of holly and berries to fashion a mistletoe ball under which your guests will be puckering up for a little Christmas kiss.  Tie with a bright red ribbon for hanging and display in a high traffic area of your home.


Bottle of Berries


A series of vintage bottles arranged in a rustic wooden box become a lovely addition to your table top when accented with brilliant red berries and a jingle bell.  This primitive look never goes out of style.


Pine Cone Pretty


All winter long, pine cones work overtime decorating our homes and bringing the natural beauty of the outdoors inside.  A ring of pine cones surrounding a glowing pillar candle is a design that works well past the holiday season.


Handmade Happiness


Common jars get a second chance when repurposed with the addition of wire handles.  Add candles and bits of ribbon and greenery for an easy and inexpensive holiday tribute.


Lavish Lantern


A common lantern becomes a lavish Christmas accent when filled to the top with a cheerful collection of red and white bulbs.  Mingle in a strand of clear twinkle lights for added radiance.


Gingerbread Gem


A magical fantasyland of holiday spirit is nestled inside a clear glass cookie jar stationed securely on the platform of a cake pedestal.  This gingerbread gem makes for quite a display when nestled amongst a collection of miniature evergreen trees.


Perky Pine Cones


Grab an old enamel wash basin and take a long walk in the woods.  By the time you return, you will no doubt have all the elements you need to create a bountiful seasonal display.  Decorate front porches and places of entry in preparation for the arrival of your holiday guests.


Trio of Trimmings


Display stands and accent dishes you already have become seasonal spectacles when filled with the gorgeous combination of evergreen sprigs and shiny bulbs.  Take a peek around your home and garden for items that provide ready-made starting points for holiday décor.


Glittery Glow


A series of candlesticks coated in glue and covered in the golden glow of glitter makes an impactful statement on this holiday table.  It only takes a little bit of money to pull off this brilliant look.  Pair with crisp white pillar candles for a sensational budget friendly design.


Winter Welcome


From the minute your family and friends step toward your home, let the welcoming feel of the holiday season wrap them in a warm embrace.  Create elements of outdoor charm with the use of planters and evergreen.  Blanket the area with fabric for extra appeal.


Ding Dong Balls


A series of holiday bulbs in the classic color palette of the Yuletide season create a magical display when hung from festive ribbons in varying lengths.  Use a chandelier or overhead fan to support the design for free flowing elegance.


Signs of the Season


A series of mason jars becomes a holiday display when filled with the fragile glow of a tea light and adorned with a single piece of radiant ribbon.  Use a Sharpie to create a message on the jars for added impact.


Christmas Bells


When we think of traditional Christmas time décor, we think of the ringing of bells and the joyful songs of the holiday season. Create a parade of inexpensive lacey designed bells in your home for a joyous accent.


Little Treasures


A timeless little treasure prepared by little hands will hold a place of honor for many years to come.  So easy and effortless, children can make this special gift with little assistance.  Painted pine cones seated on a salt dough base and adorned with mini pompom balls create a lovely Christmas keepsake.


Tasty Topiary


Make a big statement piece on a small budget with this oversized topiary design.  Hot glue a bag of peppermint candies onto a large Styrofoam ball and you are well on your way to a holly jolly bit of décor.


Weathered Winner


Weathered wooden scraps easily transform into a treasure trove of trees with a little elbow grease.  Adorn with buttons and other bits of small holiday trim for a primitive tribute to homespun charm.


Fancy Feet


A few simple items and a hot glue gun make for a playful Christmas time design.  Felt, fabric and the tiniest of bells fill the area with an impish bit of charm.  Create a little elfin’ magic this merry season.


Ride ‘em Cowboy


Lasso up some holiday spirit with a creative twist to a cowboy favorite.  Pheasant feathers and antler accents tie up a rootin’ tootin’ winner of a western inspired seasonal entry wreath.

Friendly Fridge


Give one of the busiest places in your house a cheerful holiday feel with the addition of snowman features.  Use fabric scraps of cardstock paper with a ribbon accent for a friendly fridge.