Sharing gifts between family and friends during the holiday season is a traditional way to show love for each other. The contents of the package isn’t biggest part of the exchange but instead it is the careful thought we put into the selection and presentation of the gift.

A little extra effort and creativity in the wrapping of a simple gift had a profound effect on the warmth and affection the recipient feels. Dress your special gifts with an extra special touch this holiday to delight those you hold near and dear.

Checkered Christmas


Simple brown postal wrap provides a great palette upon which to add a little gift wrapping charm.  A black & white checkered ribbon and sprig of evergreen add a classic homespun feel to this holiday surprise.  A beautiful little tag sends a merry message.


Peppermint Present


A crisp white twine garland adorned with tasty looking peppermint cut-outs wraps itself beautifully around a box covered in plain brown postal wrap.  A handmade gift tag shows the extra love you have in your heart for the recipient of this holiday treasure.


Burlap Treasure


It’s the accents on the top that add the special finishing touch to this little grouping of seasonal surprises.  Bits of burlap fabric give a textured feel when layered upon smooth simple wrap. Embellishments tied to the top with natural jute show that you went the extra mile to show your love.


Given With Love


Common holiday wrapping paper is dressed for the holidays when it is adorned with the touch of an added bit of love.  Beautiful tags with messages of seasonal affection are tied to perfection and embellished with natural accents.


Simply Stated


A simple expression of love in the form of a hand selected gift is a wonderful way to show your affection for the special people in your life.  A basic natural wrap sports a sprig of berries and a piece of jute twine for an understated but elegant holiday look.


Delicate Design


Like snow falling from the night sky, this black wrap if accented with speckles of white paint to simulate the beauty of falling snow.  Delicate evergreen sprigs are arranged in a lovely star design to complete the wintry look.


Wooden Wonders


Country inspired gift wrap starts the process and a delightful handmade ornament finishes it.  Slices of wood come together in merry fashion to create special adornments for these gifts.  After the gift is opened, the handmade ornaments transfer nicely to the Christmas tree.


Jolly Jingles


Elegant wrapping paper and satin trimmed ribbon wrap these gifts in fashionable holiday style.  A handful of color coordinating jingle bells adds a cheerful festive touch.


Ring of Love


A delicate ring of seasonal greenery wraps this gift in a delightful fresh appearance.  Basic brown postal wrap and a burlap ribbon tie up this Yuletide ring of love.


Vintage Giver


A pair of vintage Christmas symbols top these simply wrapped gifts with an old fashioned appeal. Vintage holiday pieces are easy to find at flea markets and sales.  They add the finishing touch and provide a lovely keepsake for your gift recipients.


Santa Stripes


This festive red and white striped paper is a cheerful sign of the Santa season of gift giving.  Beautifully wrapped and tied with a Merry Christmas ribbon, these little packages give off a delightful holiday feel.


Blue Bulb


Heavy midnight blue wrap with a polka dotted design is a not-so-typical choice for holiday wrap that adds a homespun touch to your gift.  Wrapped with jute and a coordinating gift tag in a Christmas bulb design, this little gift is picture perfect.


Simply Sensational


Clean and simple with a lovely natural accent…pretty much says it all for this sweet idea in holiday gift wrap.  Classic brown postal wrap with a seasonal message prepares these gifts for holiday giving.


Happy Holly


A color palette of cheerful Yuletide splendor wraps this gift with love.  Sweet pastel pink works well with a red and white festive ribbon.  Accenting the top is a glittery holly design with berries.


Frosty Fellows


Make the kids squeal with delight when you hand them a gift wrapped like a winter time frosty friend.  Plain white wrap is adorned with fabric accents for a cheerful design.  Get that glue gun and bag of fabric scraps out…this idea is both easy and cost effective.


Cute As A Button


Treat your family and friends to a bit of homespun charm with a gift wrapped as cut as a button.  Basic red wrap is tied to perfection with natural twine and topped lovingly with an assortment of vintage inspired buttons.  Handmade tags give an added touch of charm.


Word Search Wonder


How clever is this??  Using a Christmas word search book, select a page that will enable you to highlight a word of your choosing in bright red marker.  Add a simple bow and your gift will get the prize for most imaginative.


Rockin’ Reindeer


Rockin’ reindeer wrap is easy to create with the help of some little feet and a bit of paint.  Have your little ones walk on brown postal wrap with painted tootsies to create the basis for the reindeer image.  Add the necessary details and you have a keepsake bit of wrap that grandma will love for sure.


Big Man Belt


One look at this gift and you know whose belt is on display.  Turn your holiday gifts into a tribute to Santa with this big belt buckle design.  Basic black ribbon and a sheet of glittery gold foam from the craft store is all you need to pull off this ho hoho look.


Santa’s Team


Get out the scissors and glue and gather the kids around…this is a job for little fingers.  Trace and cut pieces needed to transform these plain wrapped boxes into a team of Santa’s helpers.  Let the kids glue the pieces on for a not-so-perfect delightful effect.


Merry Monogram


Bold contemporary wrap sets the stage for an elegant monogram in jet black.  Tied with a coordinating black and white ribbon, this identifying letter works well for an individualized touch.


Thumb Print Present


Little thumbs covered in merry colored paint transform brown wrap into something special.  Use a fine line marker and tiny red pompom balls to create a cheerful herd of holiday reindeer.


Old St. Nick


When you have a ribbon and decoration as fancy as this, you don’t even have to bother to wrap the box first!  A cheerful Santa Claus image fills the top of this box with holiday spirit as a wide red ribbon holds the lid securely in place.


Fancy Festive Flowers


Tissue paper florets are always a winner, no matter what time of the year it is.  Simple natural hues and the addition of holiday ink stampers wraps these gifts with handmade charm.


Chalk Talk


Replicate the look of an old chalkboard with the use of a white paint pen on plain black wrap.  Let your imagination soar as you draw and doodle your way to a unique gift wrap design for your family and friends.


Sweet Treat


This gift does double duty!  There is a surprise on the inside and a yummy treat on the outside.  Add special treats and holiday goodies to the outside of your gifts for an added loving embrace.


Holiday Tassel


A gathering of graceful Scotch pine needles into elegant tassels makes the top of this gift box extra special.  A backdrop of simple red wrap adds a traditional holiday feel.


Spring of Love


Handmade tags and expressions of love top these gifts with warmth and quiet style.  Tiny sprigs of evergreen against brown wrap give a natural homey feel to these holiday surprises.


Yuletide Surprise


Rich chocolate colored wrapping paper tied with a checkered ribbon makes this gift oh so intriguing.  A white paint pen is used to add a personalized bit of seasonal charm. Add your own artistic flair for that someone special in your life.


Handmade Happiness


Each package boasts its own little bit of unique creativity. Pull out that craft box and cut, glue and string your way to a picture perfect collection of merry Christmas gifts for family and friends this holiday season.


Light & Lovely


Crisp white patterned wrapping paper with just the tiniest of satin ribbons gives these petite holiday presents a dainty appearance.  Festive tags and a small embellishment add a finishing touch.


Bow Tie Beauty


A brown bag pouch takes on a special flair when it is sealed with a formal bow tie and ring of evergreen bounty.  Tuck a tiny treasure in a little pouch like this and bring a smile to a loved one’s face.


Secret Sack


A burlap sack is a simple and effective way to conceal a tiny holiday surprise.  Easily constructed with a simple stitch, these bags are a cost effective way to add a handmade touch to your holiday gift giving.  Adorn with small bits of earthy beauty and tie with a ribbon.


Musical Merriment


Entertain the musician in your life with a music themed package ensemble.  Sheet music inspired wrapping paper tied with a hearty coordinating ribbon in black and white send a powerful message of holiday joy.


Gift From the Heart


An elegant band of white paper topped with the simplicity of natural jute twine and a cluster of pine cones, wraps this holiday gift box with homespun warmth.  A simple gift tags awaits a personal message of Christmas love.


Best Dressed


Give this gift to your loved one and watch their eyes light up with anticipation.  Beautifully dressed in crisp white wrap and adorned with an elegant arrangement of florals and feathers, this box boasts a wonderful surprise for sure.


Starry Surprise


Simply wrapped packages take on a starry appearance when they are wrapped with a garland of tiny celestial sparklers.  Contrasting light and dark tones adds an extra bit of pop to this gift wrapping idea.


Cozy Keeper


Like a cozy warm sweater on a cold winter day, this little knit sack will keep you secret safely under wraps until you are ready to give it away.  Tied with a bright red satin bow and garnished with a bit of natural beauty, this design is a keeper.


Primitive Present


Fabric remnants and pieces of repurposed material get a second claim to fame when they are used to wrap a holiday gift in primitive style.  A strip of fabric acts as a ribbon to secure the package.


Tied With Love


Country charm is front and center with a collection of fabric gift bags adorned in country style.  Tuck your surprise inside and seal with a delightful arrangement of kitchen inspired items for a warm and inviting gift giving experience.