There is no such thing as having one too many Christmas treats. That’s why it is always spelled with an ‘s’ at the end. Make Christmas more fun this year by making your kitchen smell good all season with these tasty and cute delights that just scream “let’s get this party started!”

So what are you waiting for? Browse and pick from these Christmas treats for kids! Try ’em this coming holiday.



Gingerbread Cookie Sticks


I don’t even think there is one person in the entire world that can take his hands off these cookies when it looks like it’s been wrapped in every single goodness there is.

Via: Crazy for Crust

Nutter Butter Reindeer Cookies


Making great memories with the kids is always the goal of Christmas. Have fun with them by making these adorable reindeers transformed into sweet treats made from pretzels and butter cookies.

Via: Mommy Savers

Reindeer Cookies


It is only normal if your oven is working around the clock at this time of the year–especially if it gets to make wonderful treats like these cupcakes dressed up as reindeers.

Via: Food Fanatic

Snowman Oreo Cookie Pops


No bake treats can only mean one thing: there’s going to be a lot of them in the desserts table. This is a job for pop treats that are made of white chocolate coated Oreos and starburst candies. Have fun watching your kids go wild on this snowman.

Via: Spend with Pennies

Dipped Oreo Reindeer Cookies


Start a new family Christmas tradition with these chocolate-coated cookies shaped as Santa’s magical reindeers. Don’t be surprised if half of the pan disappears in just seconds.

Via: Mandatory Mooch

Oreo Cookie Ball Santa Hats


Probably the cutest thing you’ll ever be eating this Christmas, but don’t worry, Santa’s magical helpers made lots since they are easy to make using only an Oreo, cream cheese and candy melts.

Via: Neighbor Food Blog

Frosty Snowman Pretzels


Taking a bite on one of these Christmas treats is like a taste of winter magic itself. Made by just using pretzels and candy melts, this happy, jolly soul will sweeten up your cold day.

Via: Hungry Happenings

Peppermint Blossom Crinkle Cookies


A twist to the traditional peanut butter blossom, this treat is rich with peppermint flavour and chocolate goodness. One of the best team-ups every year.

Via: Aris Menu

M&M Shortbread Cookies


Is there even a metaphysical explanation for this chocolate drizzled, M&M decorated Christmas treat? Nothing? I do have one adjective for it though–tempting.

Via: Something Swanky

No-Bake Christmas Tree Cookies


Kids will always be pulled by Christmas trees. Let them experience the same thing, only this time, after decorating, they can actually eat  it since it is made of M&Ms and white chocolate.

Via: The Recipe Rebel

Homemade Raffaello Snowmen


Do you ever get that feeling that it’s not Christmas yet if there is no snowman? Well, satisfy yourself by making an entire pan of them. Make sure you make lots to last you the entire season.

Via: Roxy’s Kitchen

Chocolate Peppermint Shooters


Don’t let the name fool you. These are parfaits with homemade graham cracker crumbs and chocolate mousse and vanilla peppermint. It lets grownups feel like kids and kids feel like grownups.

Via: Fit Foodie Finds

Marshmallow Frosty Hats


Very simple to make yet so brilliant of an idea. Marshmallows and chocolates are match made in heaven. Especially if they transform into cute little snowman hats.

Via: Inside Brucrew Life

Chocolate Peppermint Donuts


A merging of decadence and decorum, make your Christmas mornings lazy but filled with sweetness and just the good stuff. Served with hot coffee or (more) chocolate, this is the one treat you’ve been waiting for all year.

Via: Shugary Sweets

Chocolate Peanut Butter Hot Chocolate Spoons


A quick fix for both the guests and the hosts. These spoons of melted chocolate and peanut butter brings twists to the traditional Hot Chocolate appetizers, leaving everyone with the question: “What just happened here?”

Via: Chocolate Moosey

Reindeer Snack Cakes


Old or young, our fascination with reindeers can only get bigger by the year. Everything about this treat is sweet and cute. From the chocolate dipped cake treats to the pretzel antlers and then the candy cane handles.

Via: Inside Brucrew Life

Cherry Almond Cookies


Share the joys of the festive season with these treats made with almonds and cherries dipped in melted chocolate. Very easy and super fast to make.

Via: Mandy’s Recipe Box Blog

Reese’s Cup Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer Treats


Absolutely edible and a perfect way to jazz up your Christmas desserts table. More of ‘assembly-required’ crafts project’ than a baking escapade, these adorable chocolate reindeers will make you smile like a five-year old all night.

Via: Hungry Happenings

Snowman Donut Pops


How can you not smile after seeing a snowman? How can you not smile after seeing a snowman made with powdered donuts? How can you not smile after seeing a snowman made with powdered donuts and candies?

Via: Mommy Musings

Fancy Frosted Cookies


One of the best moments of the holiday season is having fun with the kids. What better way to do that by teaching them the art of fancily frosting a cookie that they made themselves.

Via: Something Swanky

Reindeer Treats


Fun and funny, these simple treats made with just pretzels and chocolate candies and a red gumball are perfect for impromptu parties. Plus, they come in swarms since even kids can make them.

Via: Lil Luna

Peppermint White Chocolate Cookie Sandwiches


The perfect gift to your neighbours or co-workers. Fun and easy to make, not to mention this is a quick recipe with just your day to day cookies, candies and chocolates.

Via: Yellow Bliss Road

Chocolate Candy Cane Cupcakes


The richness of the peppermint chocolate frosting combined with the fluffiness of the dark chocolate cupcake is truly a piece of heaven on earth.

Via: Your Cup of Cake

Chocolate Peppermint Popcorn Munch


With best friends Oreo and Hershey in the mix, what more can you expect other than pure indulgence to everything that is good about Christmas food.

Via: Yellow Bliss Road

Brownie Stuffed Christmas Tree


Get the perfect excuse to play around in the kitchen with your kids this Christmas by making this brownie-hidden-vanilla-frosting-coated-ice-cream-cone.

Via: It’s Always Autumn

Chocolate Covered Marshmallow Reindeer


If you’re going to make these cute critters, just make sure you make two…no three dozens. That way, you can still manage to give some away for the neighbours.

Via: Yellow Bliss Road

Pretzel Christmas Trees


M&Ms or sprinkles, both works wonderfully with this candy melt and pretzel combination. There’s no baking involved so feel free to let the kids do their thing.

Via: Sweet Rose Studio

Christmas White Chocolate-Dipped Pretzel Rods


Christmas is one of the best times to dress up your food to match the festive season. This simple treat uses only pretzel rods, melted white chocolate, sprinkles and your imagination.

Via: the Kitchen is my Playground

Christmas Crack Toffee


Chocolate just makes everything taste so great. Adding M&Ms to this treat just gives it a more merry character. Also, the toffee cracker is just irresistible.

Via: I Heart Nap Time

Hot Cocoa Cookies


Easy as pie, only this one is a cookie with melted marshmallow and more chocolate. Can you say…Epic?

Via: Glorious Treats

Peanut Butter Cup & Swiss Roll Reindeer


Who wouldn’t want a silly mini reindeer standing on your Christmas desserts table? I know would. I mean, only good stuff can come out from peanut butter and chocolate.

Via: Sweet Simple Stuff

Candy Cane Marshmallow Pops


Christmas is coming too fast, but not to worry. This treat has got you covered whether it be for gifting, your son’s class party or just after dinner desserts.

Via: Liv Life too

Christmas Tree Rice Krispie Treat Pops


Let the decorating not stop with this super tasty treat made with rice krispies and M&Ms. Shaping it to mini Christmas trees is just one of the best parts, sharing them with friends and family just takes the cake away.

Via: Positively Splendid

Christmas Tree Meringue Cookies


The sweetest little things you’ll ever see and taste. These meringue packs quite a punch that all sweet tooth wouldn’t dare miss.

Via: This Silly girl’s Life

A Melting Snowman Sundae


Add more fun to the holiday season by teaming up with your kids as you make this melting treat using marshmallow fluff, ice cream and peanut butter cups and chocolate candies.

Via: Design Dazzle