It serves as a herald to the coming season of love and blessings and cheers. A beacon that is always calm and always bright.


A Christmas lantern is one of the loveliest creations of Christmas. It silently gives its light away to those seek peace from within, asking only in return that we remember that it was our Lord’s birth that shone the most radiant of lights.

Outdoor Christmas Lanterns


Sitting silently in the snow, these three lanterns glow the warmest of lights for both family and friends visiting you for the holidays.


Red Delight Lantern


Red garlands will always have that unexplainable pull. Match it together with a homey lantern to welcome back the family and have a great dinner like always.


Fill it Up


Pick your shiniest red and silver Christmas bulbs and let them fill up the biggest lanterns you have.  Very unlikely pairs but highly effective to give out a burning warmth that only this combo can deliver.


Green Lantern


Very common do we see lanterns that are red or yellow in glow. But a green lantern is both unusual and inviting. Especially with earthy colored ribbons and laces matched with green sprigs.


Elvish Dinner


Imagine that Christmas elves will be having dinner with you, of course it would only be natural to bring the woodland to your house. This mix of greens and browns will surely work up an appetite.


Lovely Lantern


With a snow-covered topiary on top, this yellow-glowing red lantern can make you shiver just by one look, only because it can offer the best warmth this season.


Small but Wonderful


Even with just these red berries highlighting this glass lantern, the sweetest glow can come out. Although simple and small, the outcome is just splendid.


Oriental Gleam


Lanterns shaped like Asian temple roofs are one thing, adding in candles that flicker green lights is the most magnificent spectacle you will see all night.


Shabby Chic Lantern


This small lantern recycled from a peanut butter bottle and old newspaper expresses the biggest of thoughts: be one with the celebration.


Reindeer Mason Jar Lantern


Help your kids wait for Rudolf this year by making a lantern of the red-nosed reindeer himself. Although just a small jar, it can make the biggest dream come true this Christmas.


A Nice Thing


Transform an old pot to your newest lantern and wrap it with ribbons and hearts. Your Christmas can mean that only the nice things happen in your home.


Star Lanterns


Star Lanterns with just a glimmer of glow will light both your homes and hearts this season. With every twinkle, their only wish is for you to have a merry Christmas.


Welcoming Lanterns


Like the perfect butlers they seem to be disguised as, these black lanterns hanging low in the snow is one way to tell everyone that Christmas is the most beautiful day of the year.


Long Lasting Lights


These small lanterns with snow-covered sprigs can be placed anywhere in the house since the light they give illuminates a brightness that can last all through the winter.


Lovely Lanterns


Let autumn become part of winter with these wooden baskets transformed into lanterns that light the way of weary feet. Who knows, maybe summer will join in next year.


Magical Christmas Lantern


Just one look at this lantern filled with fairy lights will make you think back of those childhood days when you believed in fairies. Just one look and it will make you believe again.


Full of Wonders


Make Christmas even brighter with these wine bottles turned into a multi-colored lantern. It can liven up the party or just make the dinner table lovelier.


Snowman Lantern Decor


Even a snowman can bring you light and warmth this holiday season, just let it sit on top of a lantern adorned with red berries and green sprigs and you can be sure that this guy will not melt before Christmas day.


A Dreamy Lantern


Cast a sleeping spell on your kids while they wait for Santa Claus. The lights inside these lanterns can look like magical fireflies that charm both the eyes and soul.

Whimsical Christmas Lantern


Christmassy cut-outs, plus wintery shades of purple or blue, plus old bottles of mayonnaise can result to only one thing: The best Christmas ever.


Gold Dust


Burning a brightness that only this small lantern filled with Christmas bulbs and yellow fairy lights can make, that corner of the living room is suddenly transformed into the warmest spot of the house.


Always Shining


A small lantern can mean the biggest of glows especially if its light is magically coming from the holiday season itself. This simple ensemble of a white lantern with a single folly, red berries and a pine comb is simply the best.


Snow Globe Terrariums


Bring the charm to another level with this hybrid design of snow globes and Christmas lanterns. Let the kids and kids at heart stay enchanted by it until it’s finally time for Santa to slide down that chimney.


Flickering Lanterns


Like having your own supply of magical fairy dust, make a lantern filled with Christmas lights that flicker like sprites in the night. Christmas this year will be more enchanting for everyone when this lantern lights up the entire room.


Nativity Lantern


Let the joyful birth of our Lord be present everywhere in your home this season. A lantern with the Nativity can burn a special kind of light that can bring peace and love to the soul and the heart.


Light Balls


Lanterns can come in any shape conceivable. Take this trio of hay bills turned into a source of solemn light for a dramatically dimly lit room. An instant reaction is for you to fall silent and reflect on the year that was.


Sparkling Lights


Heavy as they can get, but warm inside all the same. Line up your porch with iron casted lanterns filled sparkling lights to withstand the cold of the winter.


A Sweet Greeting


Even in the light of day, these frosted glass lanterns are a breath of sweetness in a rather sleepy morning. To top it all off are red berries and pine combs and a touch of greens in the sides to make your day the best yet.


A Scarlet Twist


Not all Christmas lanterns want to be a source of light. Some of them also want to be a source of fun for the children. Instead of small candles or blinking lights, this one is filled with candy. The red color will just make you want to grab it for yourself.


Greens and Mesh Ribbons


A wooden lantern can get a glamorous makeover especially when it is grouped together with satin ribbons on a bouquet style of greens and a candy cane to make things sweet and cute.


Quiet Corner


Take a moment’s rest from the celebration and be relaxed in your alone time with the soothing rays of this wooden lantern. With just the colors of red and yellow casting a dry spell on your eyes, recharge and reflect.


Rustic and Woody Christmas Lantern


Crafting your own lantern will always make celebrating the season more special than it already is. With a fall theme in mind, no need for glass with this wooden lantern. Make it look fresh with small red berries and cloth ribbons in earthy colors.


Past Flames


Personalize your lanterns this year with luminescent print outs of your memories with loved ones. Lighting your way to memory lane, a lantern of this calibre is truly one of a kind and precious.


Outdoor Lantern decor


Top your front-door topiary with a traditional Christmas lantern that will shine even brighter than before now that you’ve raised its level two folds. Looking magnificent both in the daylight and at night time, the only things that’s missing now is Christmas itself.