Have some merry-making with these festive Christmas cocktails and drinks… From the sweet blend of eggnog and fruits from delightful booze of margarita, enjoy all these easy to make drinks for the holiday.

Parties are popping up in every corner as the seasons change to the holidays. And every party needs a cocktail as festive as Christmas itself. Mix one part sweet and two parts sensational, and you will have the hottest party in the block.



Cranberry Sangria


Red is the new green this year with a fruity and sweet cocktail that is playful and everything delicious.

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Cranberry Margaritas


Simple, fast and super flavourful. This is every cranberry and margarita lover wish come true.

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The Nutcracker Cocktail


How can you not fall in love with winter all over again with this drink? A unique blend of a nutty kick and a sweet frothiness that can only come out once a year.

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White Chocolate & Peppermint Christmas Cocktail


Bring the feel of the season right with this white vodka drink that is winter on the outside but summer all over in the inside.

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Candy Cane Shooters


Fun to look at but definitely these shooters can spice up your party. Best thing is even your kids can drink them…sans the boozy parts that is.

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Cranberry Mojito


Gorgeousness on point but a very simple mix of cranberry and lime, mint and rum. Perfect for that party you’ve been planning for weeks.

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Santa Claus-Mopolitan


Be on Santa’s good side at the last minute with this cranberry juice and vodka masterpiece. Be jolly all night and not regret it.

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Christmas Sangria


Bright and cheerful like the holiday season itself, this cocktail of cranberries and apple cider is just one of the loveliest things that will happen this Christmas.

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Raspberry Limoncello Prosecco


There will be times when partying left to right is just tiring. Refresh your holiday “spirit” with this youthful and bubbly drink.

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Sexy Snowman Martini


Even if it’s your third martini, that’s perfectly understandable. Marshmallows and snowmen are just too impossible to resist right?

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Berry Merry Christmas Martini


Inexplicably lovely with its combination of raspberry and limoncello , this Christmas martini  makes your guests wish you the merriest of the holidays.

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White Christmas Sangria


Beautifully fun to make and surely the best way to entertain your friends on a short notice get-together. If this cocktail doesn’t spell fast and easy, I don’t know what does.

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Venezuelan Eggnog Ponche Crema


The best way to be a gracious host to your guests is making the right kind of cocktail. And by right, I mean there is eggnog involved.

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Chocolate Candy Cane Martini


For some reason that eludes me for the moment, this cocktail makes me sing: “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…” It must be that candy cane, right?

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Cranberry & Cinnamon Whiskey Sour


Sharing good food with everyone else is always as wonderful as winter.  But to make things more fantastic is the drink that will make all your guests cheer for more good health.

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Cranberry Mojito Punch


Sparkling like a crystal filled with everything that is magical in the season, a drink of this calibre is certainly worth raising your cups for.

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Cinnamon Candy Apple Cocktail


Simple yet superbly captivating. Want to impress your guests with something fancy? Well, this mini Pousse Cafe is just the fix that you need.

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Strawberry Basil Moscow Mule Cocktail


A mouthful to say, I know, nevertheless this is one delicious cocktail you should never pass up. With a strawberry, a basil and a lime in the mix, weekends are as good as Christmas day itself.

Via: Marla Meridith

Jack Frost Cocktail


This blue curacao, pineapple, vodka and coconut number is so cool, it is the hottest drink of the party. Just remember to cheer for health before it gets you mesmerized.

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Chocolate Peppermint Martini


A Vodka drink that’s not even made with vodka. A chocolate cocktail that reminds you of Halloween but its Christmas so there’s peppermint flavour kicking in (and out). Shenanigans, I tell you!

Via: Growing up Gabel

Holiday Cocktail


The colors gives this drink the festive motif, but the champagne, cranberry juice and fresh raspberry is just brain-banging-crazy good it will make you wish for world peace.

Via: Love You Mean it Blog

White Chocolate Peppermint Martini


Smooth, but full of flavour. Classy, but in all angles, very bold. Try this vanilla vodka mix and white chocolate liquor combo for more a more fun and delicious celebration.

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Santa Shot


At first glance, looks exactly what a Christmas drink should look like. The taste is like candy but with more “spirit” in it, if you catch my drift. Try placing this in the chimney this year as see what happens.

Via: Mix that Drink

Grinch Drink


It is technically a crime if you don’t celebrate Christmas with the Grinch. And grown-ups don’t like rule breakers, so bring this different kind of green cocktail with a different kind of punch (or kick) to your table and have fun.

Via: Sugary Sweets

Red Rudolph Cocktail


Like the name suggests, this is one magical drink. Although the cranberry, cinnamon and orange can’t probably really make you fly, it can instead make you feel wonderful in all the right places.

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White Chocolate Pumpkin Nog


Remember how your parents used to say: “this one’s a keeper”? Well–this one’s a keeper. Even if you keep serving this drink year after year after year, the eggnog and chocolate keeps getting better and better.

Via: Kitchen Meets Girl

Cranberry Sage Cocktail


Subtle drinks are rare. Rarer still are the minds that make them. Take this gin-based cranberry and lime party. Who would have thought it’ll work like this?

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Grinch Punch


Neighbour: Grinch lanterns, Grinch wreaths and now a Grinch punch? What is with the Grinch anyways?
Me: Um, he’s fun?

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The Rocky Mountain High


Simply elegant and posh, as the red berries pop out their colors in this champagne, Christmas becomes meaningful and very bubbly.

Via: Waiting on Martha

Blue Sparkling Star Cocktails


Amazing in color and in taste. By infusing vodka to this orange juice and then adding in a part of bubbling champagne, you might have second thoughts about drinking it. But I promise you this is one heck of a show stopper.

Via: Announcing it

Winter Wonderland Cocktail


A snowy day is always wonderful and always dazzling because of the snow all around us. To make things more of it, why not put that snow into a drink with just white chocolate liquor and coconut.

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Pomegranate and Rosemary Gin Fizz


When you look at this gin-based rosemary syrup cocktail, what does it say to you? Get in here and enjoy yourself right?

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Santa’s Little Helpers Cocktail


This is the Boyz2Men of cocktail! Every single part of it is like a note, perfect down to the very last letter.

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