More than the food that’s on the table, waiting for our bellies to be as joyful as the season. More than the carols we hear and sing, that makes our souls more cheerful than we never thought it could get. More than the presents we receive that makes our hearts pound our chests like we were five again. It is the magic that captures us at once. A kind of magic that leaves us breathless just at the first glance, telling us it is once again the most wonderful time of the year. A kind of magic that only a Christmas tree can bring.

Majestic Christmas Tree


Red is the color of the season and candy canes are aplenty, so why not put them together and decorate your tree with candy cane ribbons and then personalize it with your family’s photos in frames of random shapes. Even if it’s not in the center of everything, your tree will sure be rockin’ it in the corner like it’s nothing.


Rainbow Tree


Though your tree’s age will never show (it’s magical like that), five years is five years. You can never have the strength to say now to new ornaments for each year’s motif. But ths year, no need for new ones…go ahead and just put all of them up there. It’ll give your tree a new kind of character and it will make it look like a giant candy as well.


Elegance is: Heart, Heart!


Go for the simple, but never skimp out non the quality. Let there be magic with just the golds and greens of the season–and let your Christmas tree bring that magic for you. Even without lights, it will make the room shimmer splendidly.


The Teal Tree


This teal tree is light on the eyes and very inviting if it stands in a room with white wall and floors. It’s almost as good as that candy the dentist gives you after the extraction.


Girl with Lights


Yeah, if only Katniss knew about Christmas, she’d beg her fashion team to make her a dress like this. But no. This is not a dress, this is a Christmas tree that looks like a princessy dress with the red accents giving you the illuiosn of flowers from afar and small glimmering gold lights that add glamour to magic.


Early Bird


No one said you can’t put up the Christmas tree when it’s still spring. Make memories with the kids by making this Spring-slash-Christmas tree. Go crazy with small houses for the toy owls and squirrels. Go heavy with red and green garlands. Give it a touch of silvery winter undertone with silver bulbs. Finish up with a touch of two seasons in one by wrapping around a light brown and red ribbons. This will definitely help start the season fun.


Christmas Village Tree


So you get that feeling you’re not satisfied with decorating the entire house this year. No problem. This modified tree doesn’t have leaves, garlands, or ribbons or bulbs, however, it makes up with its miniature Christmas village feel.


Beautifully Strange


There’s this corner of the room that feels left out from all the festive feels. It needs a tree but you’re out. What would MacGyver do? Get female torso mannequin stand (preferably suede), use bulbs of gold and red to turn into a tube dress with the greens covering underneath.


Traditional Christmas Tree


Going traditional on your first tree can never fail. A huge green tree always does the best job. The theme should be red green, with a hint of silver and gold that’ll insert hat winter undertone. Day or night, it will look good all day.


Glory with White and Red


White always gives us that cool feeling while the color red does the exact opposite. That’s what this special tree ensemble does. Outside of the candy cane on top, the big red bulbs and ribbon are striking to the eye. While in contrast, the whiteness of the tree gives it a sublime number. Even after two minutes of staring at it, you still can’t figure out why you’re eyes are glued.


Frosty Tree


This snow-covered tree will bring the chill (the nice kind) inside a reasonably warm room. With its minimalistic only-red-and-a-bit-of-silver-is-allowed-for-bulbs theme, everyone can get that nice Christmas breeze. Simple, but rockin’ out.


Small but Still Kind of Big


This simplistic and child-inspired tree is perfect for quiet offices. Place on top of a counter or cabinet, it doesn’t matter. It will bring out the kid in you every time you glance over it. From the snowflakes and stars, to the candles and bulbs, add in some mini reindeer decor on the side, it will never fail to put a smile on anyone’s face.


The Patriot


Stars and stripes plus snow and lights equals a cheerful and patriotic holiday season. Using only the color trio of white, red and blue, this tree is truly a cut from the rest. The blue bulbs have a tinge of seriousness in it while the red garlands give out a merry tone on top of the wintery white tree that screams time for making happy memories.


Upside Down Tree



Hidden Snowman Tree


So you want a snowman and a Christmas tree but the living room just doesn’t have that space. No problem. Make a snowman pretending to be a Christmas tree. Complete the illusion with a red and gold ornaments combination. But don’t forget that gentleman’s hat, since the goal is to get the kid’s confused.


Elegantly Huge and Bold


Rarely do we see the color purple in Christmas tree, but when we do, it makes us think, “hey, not bad”. Sure it looks like there’s an eggplant hanging on your tree–which makes it more fun since it is different for the rest. Go bold with the size and shape, but only use this shade as an accent to the tree only to make the shining star.


Love, Love, Love


Put some heart into it (no pun intended). A white tree is sure to bring out the color in any ornament. Aside from using the usual silvery blue and glittering orange bulbs, make all the red in hearts. Be romantic and carefree this holidays and share with everyone else in the room.


Colors on White


For the minimalist in you that wants to go all out just this one time, go for a white tree and fill it with only Christmas bulbs of different shapes and sizes. Traditional colors are a must, such as red, green and gold–but feel free to mix complementing shades like purple, orange and pink. You colros but you also just see the white.


White Tree


Dazzling and dashing like the magical reindeer itself, this Christmas tree theme will make you sing all throughout the holiday season. The highlight of it all is red–from the ornaments to the presents. Put in some gold pieces to make the presentation glitter and everyone in the room will want to take a selfie with it.


Stars of the Show


Green and white works too. Put up a tall tree and adorn it with ornament giving off a cool undertone. Blue and silver bulbs are the best for this job, but a hint of red and gold in the sides gives it some character. But what will take the cake is the giant star lanterns hanging all over the place. This motif will surely leave you at awe.


Winter Wonder


Not only will this Christmas tree impress anyone who enters the room, but this snowy-white theme will most of the time make everyone feel it’s snowing inside, all it is still all just fine. Using just white ornaments and silver touches, behind a sturdy green tree, add in some prop owls to give it an outdoor’s look–this is a match made in heaven.


Happy Tree


Brighten up your morning (and the rest of the day) with this fresh looking tree. Like a quick drizzle of December rain washing off the snow for the moment, this traditional tree with its green and red motif makes you instantly wish it was the weekend already. With accents of white decors around it, nothing can be more soothing to the eye than this happy little tree.




One way to make the kids confused (in a funny kind) is to ask them whether the Christmas tree is just too small or the snowflake that fell is really gigantic–either way, we all end up having a good laugh. Make the presentation simple with just the green tree with red bulbs and snow-white garlands. The snowflakes is just the icing on top, and who doesn’t love icing? I know I do.


The Grown-up’s Tree


Gone are the candy canes on top and the toy houses hanging on the sides. This Christmas tree ensemble is elegance and fun combined. Skates and mittens are the stars of the show, but big red bulbs will not hurt to give it that extra push.


Eloquence 101


Less is more, so they say. Simple and bold at the same time, as well as quiet and loud all together. This white and green Christmas tree makes you not want to leave the room for the next hour. From the garlands to the ribbons and bulbs, everything is in its place. Both the young and young at heart will sure be gathering around it.


Shining Through


A tree that shines just by looking at it is both impressive and exceptional. With almost no color red present, the silver with the white will play tricks on your eyes and then you start hearing bell jingling form somewhere. No, you are not going crazy, that’s just the magic of the Christmas tree.


A Tall Order


Still holding true to the traditional theme of red and green and gold–make it five times bigger. Minimalistic still in some areas, like using only red and gold bulbs, but instead of using candy canes and reindeers and snow owls, let us use teddy bears.


Hark! The Herald Angel Sing


This beacon of a tree is more than willing to bring back the warmth in your soul. The gold glitters with the shimmering red. The yellow lights flickers and flies with the garland’s splendour. Coming inside a room with a tree like this one really put you in the festive season. Also it can make you strangely hungry.


12 Days of Christmas


What’s more than having your Christmas tree count down the days with you? Maybe I’ll have an answer next year. But this year make you tree pop with presents for decors, opening each one before the magical day itself. A modern take on the theme with a big to small design concept ranging from candy canes to bulbs and ribbons and stars. Merry is the heart that sees this Christmas tree.


Wishes you a Happy Holiday


Friends, old and new and lost, families far and near, loved ones dear and precious–this is the tree that speaks nothing but good tidings and cheers. Decorated with out-of-the-ordinary ornaments like greeting notes and wishing cards, alongside some the traditional ribbons and bulbs, even the Scrooge will want to attend your dinner party.