Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

Outdoor christmas decorating ideas collection for you. The best way to greet your holiday guests is with Christmas-ready, well-decorated yard or porch. Wouldn’t it be just lovely to have your very own jolly Saint Nick to greet your guests a merry Christmas? You can get a large Santa Claus hohoho-ing in his sleigh, or you can get a miniature Santa smiling brightly on your porch. Even a simple wreath or garland of lush green can make your guests feel welcomed in your home this holiday. Spruce up your porch or yard this holiday with these stunning Christmas outdoor decorating ideas.



Lush Green Welcome


Welcome your guests with these lush green door decoration.


Vintage and Cozy


This one is simply breathtaking. The stack of wooden boxes, topped with miniature, pre-lit Christmas tree is such a sight to behold.

Via: The Cozy Old Farmhouse

Impressive Porch Décor

50 Stunning Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas - Style Estate -

Why not create a breathtaking display of holiday warmth on your porch this year? Lighted tree stalks and candle lanterns accent even the minimal space. Cover your porch chair with a holiday blanket and leave a wrapped present to send that Christmas cheer.


Come Home for the Holidays

50 Stunning Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas - Style Estate -

Bring home the holidays with inviting greens and reds. Hanging Christmas ornaments and decorative potted pines ring in that festive season with contrasting greens and whites. Bows on reindeers are a pleasing touch and welcome home you and your family.

Via: Pinterest

White and Snowy


Via: BHG

Frosted Outdoor


Via: BHG

Rustic Outdoor Decorations



Magical Outdoor Lanterns


Also known as fairy lights. These lights come in all forms and colors. Nothing is more Christmas-y than a beautifully lit home. You’ll never want Christmas to end!

Via: Design the Life You Want to Live

Pallet Tree


Yes, you can even make your own tree! There are plenty of ways to go about it too. You can use pallet woods, for example.

Via: Buzzmills

Ice Cranberry Wreath


This is an amazing way to decorate on winter season.


Winter Wonderland


Have your own winter wonderland by decorating your outdoor with beautiful wreaths and greens.

Via: Between Naps on the Porch

Simple Outdoor Christmas Decor


Via: One Creative Housewife

Snuggle Up for the Holidays

50 Stunning Christmas Porch Decorating Ideas - Style Estate -

This lighted porch idea is a great way to show off your holiday sprite. Candle lanterns and lighted trees have a warm appeal that says Seasons Greets with radiance. The right garland and light combination will give your porch a holiday sparkle.


Santa’s Stop


Chris Cringle can’t pass up a decorated porch. Why not dress up your recycled buckets and summer flowerpots with the right ornaments. This astonishing display is pleasing on the eyes and easy on the pocketbook.


Potted Pine Cones


Why not use those summer ceramic flowerpots this holiday season? A dazzling display of ornaments and surplus pine cones are a great way to utilize your pots while waiting for springtime.


Porch Décor


A stunning display of classic holiday trimmings can include old ice-skates and unused sleds. A pine needle garland and lighted pillar wrap will bring life to your porch this holiday season.


Pine Cones & Candles


Have a yard full of pine cones? Why not use them to make a fabulous still life on your porch this year for Christmas. The stone flower pots and glass candleholders will make an amazing centerpiece to your collection.


Home Stories


Christmas trees, ornaments, and white holiday bows can make a porch with pillars have class and style. This dramatic display of creativity is busy and appealing.


Shooting Stars


Following the stars during Christmas, these easy lighted strings create a stunning display of creativity and lawn décor.


Winter Alternatives


Got a creative heart and extra tires around the house? This holiday snowman will smile at everyone. Made with painted tires and old scarves, Frosty will be jealous of your porch snowman!


Lantern Keepsakes


The holly berries and candles are a great look on any porch. Tree trimmings and bow will accent that Christmas light and show the way to your door and heart.


Mailbox Candy Canes


Make your mailman envious of your mailbox Christmas décor. These easy to assemble candy canes wrapped in burlap will last through the whole holiday season. Striped mailbox posts and giant lollypops greet passerbys with joyous flavor.


Bottle Lanterns


A great way to illuminate your lawn and walkway is with string lights and recycled bottles. These walkway lights are easy to make and have no end to creative holiday paths.


Annual Outdoor Pots


Why wait for spring to dress up your stone flower pots. An easy floral arraignment complete with lighted stalks can make those cold flower pots a decorative holiday idea. Either natural or artificial trimmings are easy to place and will last all winter long!


Alcove Ideas


The traditional porch alcove can use some holiday cheer! You can create a grand set of doorway trimmings on a budget. Oversize ornaments and accompanying wreaths, snowflakes, and bows will greet any visitor with a bright and colorful lighted surprise.


Traditional Christmas Ideas


Fill those empty wire decorative buckets with warm holiday ideas. Holly branches and Christmas tree trimmings will last all through Christmas on your porch. What better way to dress up your cold tabletops than with natural clippings.


Holiday Wreath Ideas


What better way to dress up your lawn lanterns than with Christmas tree trimmings and oversized bows. These illuminated holiday charms are easy and fun to make.


Decorative lantern ideas


Candles always make a great display in old lanterns, especially when they’re accompanied with sleigh bells and ornaments. Top off the lanterns with bows and Christmas tree trimmings.


Winter Fun Decor


The kids might have grown up and moved on but won’t they be surprised when the family sled is waiting for them on the porch when they come home for the holidays. The old ice-skates stuffed with holly trimmings are a great way to keep the past close.


Lantern Décor


While hanging sleigh bells on doorknobs will chime in the holiday season with each new visitor, your antique lanterns with candles can light the way and help illuminate the firewood for your Christmas hearth.


White Christmas


Pine cones, white bows, and Christmas tree trimmings can create a spectacular alternative wreath idea and porch lights. This welcoming holiday trimming can please even the grumpiest spirits.


Candy Canes


Looking for that unique Christmas Décor idea that is easy? Here is a great way to have spectacular results with a limited budget. Dress up your old walking canes in white and red stripes. Accent your outdoor flowerpot with an oversized bow and have your neighbors envious of your creativity.

Glass Lanterns


Candles in glass lanterns are a creative alternative to flashy Christmas lights. With an antique feel, these holiday candles and Christmas tree ornaments any outdoor setting that lacks flare.


Steampunk Snowman


Dress up that bland holiday porch with this nifty wooden snowman. Accent your front door with a welcoming oversized holiday wreath with stockings and bows.


Glowing Outdoor Balls


These glowing snow globes have a warm glow even on the coldest of nights. Accented with sleigh bells and pine clippings, these treasures will dress up the dormant birdbath for the long winter months.


Peace on the Porch


Glass lanterns and ornamental globes provide a magnificent display this holiday season. Tasteful and classing, these tree trimming railings are easy to create and will last through the season.


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