Among all the hustle and bustle of the holidays, taking a moment to admire the craftsmanship and creativity for holiday decorations is necessary. While your guests stand in awe of your rustic Christmas decorations, you can give yourself a pat on the back for keeping your home cozy and warm while Jack Frost nips at your nose.

Decorating for the Christmas season is a tradition we all hold dear to our hearts, especially making the interior of your home inviting and cheerful. Giving your home a rustic flare evokes warmth and friendship as you celebrate the joyous Christmas season.

Cozy Centerpieces


Illuminate your dining table with this uniquely built candle centerpiece. The real logs are expertly crafted together and accented with acorns. Add your own design of tea candles and let your table shine.


Do-it-yourself Advent Calendar


Hand-made Christmas decorations are always the greatest touch to any home. Especially when celebrating the blessings of the season, a homey decoration makes all the difference.


Pinecone Pedestals


Looking for something fun while snowed in? Making your very own pinecone trees are great versatile decorations. Simply dust pinecones with glitter, add white paint to the tips and place on an attractive pedestal.


Wooden Christmas Plaque

Filling your home with Christmas wonder brings joy to all who visit. Creating customized wooden plaques are great for the home and for holiday gifts.


Tree Branch Candle Holder


We all strive to bring creativity and originality to your holiday décor. With the hustle and bustle of the season, great and simple finds, like a twist on classic candle holders, adds flare to any room.


A Little Sparkle


Add shine and shimmer to any window treatment with this lovely and simple mini Christmas tree.  Creating a small version of your family’s main attraction spreads holiday cheer throughout your entire home.


Simply Rustic


Having guests over at the last minute? Need something to give your party something extra? You can find it in your own backyard! These simple candle holders are easy to make on short notice and your guests will be amazed by the subtle warmth of your creativity.


Something Old, Something New


One of the greatest things about the Christmas season is the memories you make with your friends and family. Make them last for years to come with this homemade photo tree. Use photos from pervious holidays and hang them on branches from your own backyard!


Just the Right Fit


Holiday center pieces are not just for the dinner table. Placing festive center pieces on coffee tables and desks, spreads Christmas cheer in every room. Even simple items from the great outdoors will make your Christmas picturesque.


Oh, Christmas Tree


Creating your own decorations is a great tradition during the Christmas season. Finding items in your local craft stores or boutique shops can spark inspiration for many projects. Taking a planter and using for your mini tree display has a great balance of hand-made and modern.


Folksy and Fresh


Christmas wreaths are well known traditions throughout the season. Some are full and lush while others are simplistic and natural.  This folksy wreath invites those looking for warmth from winters chill.


Light the Way to Grandma’s


Lighting during the Christmas occasions is the focal point of any room. Putting a rustic twist on classic candles with these glasses paned lanterns will surely make your season bright.


A Winter Wonderland


Red, green and white are the classic colors of the Christmas season. Combing these standard white candles with mini Christmas trees in burlap planters, your home will stay festive and bright.


Christmas in the Great Outdoors


Traditionally, Christmas meals are held on a pristine table in a cozy dining room filled with family and friends. Experience the same untarnished sense of warmth by taking your dining room to the great outdoors. Enjoy a snowy backdrop as you toast to family, friends and many blessings.


Hand Crafted Candy Cane


Who says candy canes are only for eating? Turn leftover log pieces into fun creations. Accent with a small balsam branch and tie with a bow.


Peace, Joy and Love


Positive affirmations, whether they be in a greeting card or in your home, can brighten the lives of those around you. Creating your own personal holiday phrases are great and ways to express your gratitude for those around you.


Christmas Essentials


Not all Christmas decorations are just for show, they can also be highly functional. Spread your Christmas décor throughout your entire home by using creative items as usable furniture.


I’ll be Home for Christmas


A simple message outside of your home will invite those coming home from far places. The comfort and love of a hand written message will bring happiness to those on their way home.


Not Your Normal Tree


Rustic decorating is all about creating new designs to give your home a warm and comfortable flare. This unique Christmas tree inspires originality that your family will enjoy, especially by a blazing fire.


Charismatic Garland


Putting a unique spin on classic elements such as garland make you the talk of the town. With these fresh and new ideas for staple Christmas decorations, your holiday will be nothing short of extraordinary.


Craft Store Gems


Ever walk through your local craft store and wonder of all the possible creations? Anything can happen with just a hint of inspiration. Even things you would never think of such as white tree branches and a small mason jar.

Rustic Creations


Wreaths inside the home are a simple way to bring the holiday spirit indoors. Using acorns, small tree branches and pinecones put a natural flare to this great homely decoration.


Cozy on the Porch


Spending a quiet evening watching the snow fall on a beautifully pleasant porch. Simple white rocking chairs and twine wreaths with clear lights will turn any outside porch into a warm oasis.


Jingle Bells


Using an old window shutter and holly branches is an easy enhancement to holiday jingle bells. The sound of holidays chimes as guests walk through your door with ring throughout your home.


A Trip Back in Time


Inspirations from movies and books help shape our different holiday traditions. Putting together special displays outside your home will transport guests and passersby into their favorite state of mind.


The Outdoor Workshop


Keeping all the holiday essentials does not have to result in a messy closet. Extra logs for the fireplace and balsam branches can be also be used as a decorative piece, accented with vase candles and festive foliage.


Snow in the Forest


Create the illusion of snow covered vegetation by using white paint and fluffy cotton. Taking pieces of the forest, either from nature or your local creates store, to build a wintery display. Complete the look with the a vintage candle lantern.


All the Essentials


The entrance of the home is the best place for Christmas cheer but also the best place for snowy shoes and wet coats. Make an extra space to keep your home decorations neat and inviting while also leaving room for winter garments.


The Perfect Nest


Acorns and balsam branches make the best and most natural accessory for your centerpieces. Use a pewter base and add the acorns and branches. Insert candles of your choice to make the perfect nest.


The Final Touch


Even while your dining table is not in use, creating seasonal displays will keep your table looking great. Classic candle runners can have many variations, especially during the Christmas season. Use leftover Christmas ornaments and foliage across your table.


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