The eye catching color combination of red and white is an instant way to brighten a room in preparation for the Christmas season. From our trees and our tables to our sofas and chairs, adding accents in varying hues of red against a crisp backdrop of white will satisfy your seasonal senses. Supercharge your home this Yuletide season with some pops and splashes of red and white holiday décor.

Dressed for Dinner


Dress your holiday table in festive color with table linens in classic red.  Add the towering beauty of a centerpiece aglow with jolly trimmings and seasonal florals.  Nestle a beautifully wrapped gift for each guest and you’re all ready to host a delightful Christmas dinner.




This do-it-yourself decoration makes a big impact with a little bit of investment.  Large red painted wooden letters and a merry ring of vibrant red bulbs adds a dash of holiday spirit to this busy area of the house.


Berry Beautiful


A berry beautiful tribute to the winter season adorns an outdoor area with quiet grace.  A handy enamel watering can is filled with a hearty blend of rich evergreens and vibrant red berries for an outdoor welcome.


Wintry Warmth


Add warmth and style to a common sitting area with the addition of a selection of knit patterned pillows in a wintry motif.  A pair of knit covered cones adds a Christmas-y feel to the coffee table as a trio of glistening white wreaths fill the wall behind the sofa.


Welcome Home


Step inside to a cheerful welcome with the addition of some beautifully vibrant Christmas time decorations.  An egg basket filled to the top with red and white bulbs huddles under a painted bench holding a miniature tree and holiday wrapped gift.  An evergreen garland and delightful chalkboard message pack this small area with a whole bunch of holiday charm.


Divine Details


Every day china and linens are transformed for the holiday with the addition of red and white striped ribbons and sprigs of evergreen.  A strand of painted wooden beads winds itself down the table with casual elegance.  Small potted plants add a natural bit of beauty.


Terrific Trio


The repurposing of some cast off pieces of 4×4 lumber is a great way to make some economical décor and utilize something that might otherwise be thrown in the trash. Painted in various patterns with bright red and crisp white paint, this selection of candle holders is both festive and practical.  Add a merry message on the front and some ribbons and trim for a finishing touch.


Cascading Candy Canes


A single window springs into holiday mode with the addition of a tasty parade of traditional candy canes hanging from festive polka dot ribbon.  Add a header of rich green garland to complete the look.


Home for the Holidays


A traditional Christmas tree anchors the corner of this warm and inviting home.  Adorned from top to bottom in a profusion of red and white trimmings, this tree is ready to host a fabulous holiday celebration.  A hutch is accented with the cheerful addition of holiday items in eye catching red.

Cuddle Up


The clean lines of a collection of red snowflake stencils on a white wall add instant Christmas ambiance when coupled with the glow of red pillar candles and a cozy inviting throw blanket.  Grab a cup of coffee and a good book because you are going to want to cuddle in this corner for a long while.


Bountiful Beauty


A simple vintage inspired enamel coffee pot filled with graceful berry laden branches decorates this window sill with merriment.  The clean look and simple feel are reminiscent of Christmases from years ago.


Yuletide Yummies


Red and white holiday china deck this cozy area with delightful charm.  Yummy treats pack the table with homey goodness as the tiny twinkle of tea lights gives off a festive glow.  Your guests will feel the love in every bite of these Yuletide yummies!


Party Perfect


Red and white dance together to dress this table up for a perfect holiday party.  Festive napkins and plates anchor the look while tiny polka dot trees and striped straws add additional pops of party time flair.  The whole table is sprinkled with snowflake confetti for a finishing touch.


Candy Creation


An economical and tasty treat is in store with the creation of this do-it-yourself holiday project.  Cut letters from foam board or any rigid backing and use your hot glue gun to attach wrapped peppermint candies.  When the season is over, you don’t have to worry about storage…you can just eat it!


White Wonder


The elegance of this windowed wall is matched by the elegance of this enchanting holiday tree decked to perfection in white and red trim.  The subtle glow of clear lights adds night time warmth.  Color coordinated gift wrap ties the whole look together.


Very Vintage


Vintage inspiration fills this mantel area with homespun holiday charm.  A collection of whitewashed frames is adorned with evergreen accents as a family of stockingsparades above a painted cast iron log rack.


Handmade Holidays


Handmade Christmas bulbs are a great way to add a unique feel to your holiday tree or to present as gifts of love to people you hold close to your heart.  Inexpensive and easy to find, plain glass bulbs are easily transformed with frosty paints and small embellishments.  Study botanical catalogs or holiday magazines for beautiful ideas to get you started.


Red & White


A traditional home whitewashed in crisp beauty pops with Christmas magic with the addition of an amazing display of eye catching vases filled to overflowing with radiant red florals.


Tea Time


Provide a welcoming tray of tea for your guests at the holidays on a tray tipped with a bit of evergreen and red berries.  The vintage charm of red and white enamelware tea pots adds a homey warmth at the table.


Table Dressing


Red and white fabric runners anchor the table settings with holiday style.  Red chargers topped with plain white china and a crisp linen napkin prepare the look for your guests.  Springs of evergreen and centerpieces of berries wrap this dining area in Yuletide splendor.


Dash of Christmas


Meander through this area of the house and you will be treated to dashes and pops of holiday color at every turn.  A pitcher filled with berries or a single wreath in a window are all ways to add festive Christmas elegance in your home.


Merry & Bright


A jolly message of the season fills this area with bright charm.  On a whitewashed backdrop, the elegant red script shouts out with joy.  Nestle in a few other seasonal items to fill a shelf or mantel with Christmas merriment.


Rich & Radiant


The rich radiance of the deep ruby stemware and festive patterned holiday china gives this table an air of regal elegance.  A burgundy fabric table runner fills the table with royal color as the twinkle of candlelight washes over your guests.

Candy Christmas


The kids will go crazy for a corner filled with Christmas candy.  Red and white pinwheels beckon visitors to come closer for a tasty treat.  Holiday candy is traditionally wrapped in decorative ways and adds a nice touch to vases and candy dishes throughout your home.


Waiting for Santa


A white Christmas tree beaming with brightly colored red bulbs and an amazing candy cane inspired topper lights this room with holiday charm.  A royal toy soldier stands guard on a side table as Santa’s boots rest nearby.


Tiny Treasures


Singular holiday decorations take on a new appearance when they are gathered together in thoughtful ways.  A tiny red tinsel tree in a bright pot works well when coupled with a tiny vintage Christmas scene and holiday message.


Holiday Welcome


Shout a cheerful holiday welcome from the entry way of your home with a merry pair of oversized candy canes and a delightful white wreath adorned in cheerful red bulbs.  Add a festive mat with a seasonal theme and your guests will feel the warmth of your welcome as they step inside.

Riding High


The hearth area is a perfect place to stage a bit of holiday magic.  A series of red and white stockings hang in anticipation of Santa and a vintage sled parks itself front and center holding a collection of treats.  A simple grapevine wreath hangs atop a windowpane mirror.


Ready & Waiting


A small area makes a big statement when the color palette is red and white.  A hearty vibrant red garland wraps this Christmas tree with love as a color coordinated series of packages await eager hands.  A lovely red wreath tops the glowing fireplace and a fuzzy rug adds a touch of coziness.

Rustic Reminder


An old shutter or section of wooden fencing becomes a rustic bit of holiday décor when white washed and stenciled with a joyful message.  Primitive charm works well inside your home or near entry ways and places where guests will happen by.


Yuletide Beauty


A few simple items gathered on a shiny metallic plate transforms the center of the table into a cheerful holiday scene.  Wrap a bit of red velvet ribbon around white pillar candles and surround with a sparkly cluster of bulbs.


Frosty Friend


Show your humorous side with a little frosty friend on your toilet tank.  Three rolls of toilet tissue and a couple markers are all that is needed to bring this fun idea to life.  Top with a toy hat for a finishing touch.


Cottage Christmas


The coziness of this cottage setting evokes a sense of gentle rejuvenation.  A vintage headboard becomes a holiday message board with the addition of some chalkboard paint as red and white checkered curtain panels dress the door with a pop of color.  Floral accents and a striped throw blanket wrap this corner in warmth.


Vintage Stockings


A well-used vintage painted shelf adds a country feel to this display of knit Christmas stockings.  Stockings in varying patterns of red and white with an aged appearance hang with a simple, homespun feel.


Glow of Winter


Frosty glass jars come to life with the warm twinkle of a glowing tea light.  Adorned with bits of dazzle tucked beside a gorgeous bouquet of deep red roses, this winter combination is a seasonal winner.


Tiny Touch


Add a distinctive flair to your holiday dinner table with a handmade initial to monogram the place seating for your guests.  Red and white pipe cleaners easily twist together to form a candy cane look for this personalized accent.


Beauty & Wonder


A simple clear glass vase filled with the pristine beauty of a bouquet of crisp white roses graces this area with classic elegance.  A tiny compliment of berries and a festive red and white striped ribbon tie the look together in Christmas fashion.


Homespun Elegance


A do-it-yourself ornament that is sure to please adds a handmade flair to your holiday décor.  Cost effective and easy to construct, a Styrofoam ball and paper floral cut-outs are secured with a red bead head straight pin.  The entire ball is covered and tied off with a lovely ribbon.


Touch of Joy


A trio of white painted bottles shouts a holiday message of joy.  Filled with stems of berries and shiny balls, this simple and easy to make display adds a bit of holiday spirit to any area of your home.


Circle of Light


A classic white pedestal cake stand plays double duty as a stand for this remarkably beautiful holiday centerpiece.  A ring of red pip berries encircles a cluster of warm glowing pillar candles.  This traditional style works well on the dining room table or the coffee table.