Nature provides us with all the elements we need to blanket our homes in seasonal splendor. Take a casual stroll through the woods with a basket on your arm and you will return with everything you need to create a warm and welcoming display. Look no further than your own kitchen or dining room hutch to find fresh accents and pieces of nostalgic charm. Allow yourself to consider to endless possibilities of decorating with tasteful primitive charm.

Citrus Sensation


A circular sensation of citrus and evergreen join together to create a festive wreath for your holiday entryway.  The traditional style of this design combines a timeless feel with a warm seasonal ambiance.


Fresh & Fruitful


Fill a clear container filled in a layered fashion creates a work of art.  Layers of hearty succulent color crowned with a cap of evergreen will bring a rainbow of seasonal beauty to your table.


Jubilant & Juicy


The collective mingling of citrus fruits with tiny glistening accents fill this plate with a pop of holiday delight.  Tuck this display anywhere you need a fresh and festive accent.


Pretty Pomanders


The aroma of spiced cloves and fresh oranges will tantalize your senses.  A collection of artfully carved oranges are adorned in patterned designs with spiced cloves to create eye catching display of beauty.  A bed of evergreen completes the look.


Touch of Nature


A creamy satin bow sits in bold contrast to the simple natural beauty of a grouping of pine cones.  The collection is stylishly joined together to form a beautiful accent for anywhere you would like to add a touch of nature.


Collection of Beauty


A vintage porcelain colander serves as a receptacle for an exquisite sample of natural elements.  A crisp candle nestled in a clear jar is tucked in to provide a flicker of illumination.


Simply Starry


Five pine cones joined together to form a starry symbol bring an element of rustic charm to this shelf.  A simple poinsettia rosette adds a pop of seasonal color.  This primitive versatile creation works well indoor or outdoor as well as on a shelf or hanging from a ribbon.


Twinkle of Nature


A series of graduated log candles and a bounty of berries and pine cones fill the top of this rustic country barrel with holiday splendor.  Bring the charm of the outdoor inside this winter season with a combination of colors and textures to celebrate the beauty of nature.


Fire & Water


The elements of fire and water have always mingled together flawlessly.  A simple branch laden with tiny berries rests itself as a series of candles in a contemporary holder provide a hint of illumination.


Poinsettia Parade


Create a festive display this season with a sampling of poinsettia cuttings nestled into a collection of clear glass bottles and vases.  Add height to your display with the use of a pedestal platter.


Country Christmas


A vintage porcelain wash basin is the perfect receptacle to catch your collection of natural treasures.  A cozy and inviting sitting area is created on this porch with the addition of a pair of checkered flannel pillows.


Ring of Nature


A delicate ring of natural beauty is bathed in the light of a pair of dainty tea lights.  The waxy gloss of elm leaves add to the evergreen foundation of this wreath to create a palette of natural hues.  A tiny little fawn dances through the foliage.


Spirit of the Season


Layers of precisely cut citrus and groupings of hand wrapped cinnamon sticks line this evergreen wreath with a hearty traditional feel.  A flowing red holiday bow adds a pop of seasonal color to welcome your guests.


Silver Blue Sensation


A natural ring of silvery blue foliage encircles a gathering of crisp white candles on this handmade bit of country beauty.  The texture of the jute bows provides an interesting contrast against the smooth foliage.  Great display for indoors or outdoors.


Acorn Accent


Join acorns together to form a bountiful garland for your home.  The golden hue of acorns gives just the right warmth and depth to your holiday décor.  Nestle a string or dish of acorns anywhere you want to add a cozy taste of nature.


Pretty Pine Cones


Put those leftover pieces of yarn to good use around the body of a fallen pine cone.  Add a pop of color by wrapping the yarn in the nooks and crannies.  Display in a beautiful vintage dish or perhaps add a loop of yard to the top and dangle from an evergreen tree.


Seasonal Splendor


A burlap runner is the perfect start for this seasonal table display.  Add a bed of evergreen and mingle in the juicy deliciousness of citrus jewels for a pop of color.  Turn your display into a glowing masterpiece with the addition of a pillar candle or two.


Woodland Splendor


There’s just something about a stack of fire wood that beckons folks to come on in and sit a while.  A vintage metal cart houses an invitation to cozy warmth and beauty.  Twinkling candles provide glowing illumination to this primitive area.

Frosted Fancies


A vintage silver pedestal dish provides an elegant and practical way to display these frosty tipped gifts from nature.  Easily replicate this display by adding a hint of white paint to a generous display of pine cones and cradle them among evergreen sprigs in one of your time honored vessels.


Closer Look


There’s something about a glass dome that makes us take a closer look at the contents.  Lean in and feast your eyes on the simplicity of nature captured inside this vintage display.  A sample of outdoor life becomes a treasure to behold.


Sugar & Spice

Create your own spiced holiday accent using the combination of fresh citrus with herbs and spices.  An artfully sliced orange provides the foundation for this homespun treat.  A handful of bay leaves and cinnamon sticks add texture and beauty as well as a delicious scent.


Simple & Fancy


The contrasting elements of nature and sophistication mingle across the top of this primitive holiday table.  Evergreen and earthy gifts of green and brown stand in handsome contrast to the shimmer of the candlesticks and other adornments.  The best of both worlds come together magically on this table top.


Cinnamon Sensation


The warmth of a handful of cinnamon sticks rings out from the simplicity of a clear mason jar adorned with a ring of red berries.  You won’t be able to pass by this heavenly accent without leaning in to take a whiff.


Citrus Slice


So simple you could make a whole tree full!  Using a sharp knife, slice thin sections of citrus and hang from a curled piece of floral wire for a natural, uncomplicated seasonal accent.


Botanical Beauty


Create your own tribute to botanical beauty with a collection of clear glass jars.  Take yourself on a nature walk and let your eyes lead to you nature’s works of art.  Bring them into your cozy home and display them for a delightful winter accent.


Harvest Swag


Welcome friends and family into the warmth of your home with a holiday swag fashioned from evergreen and accented with pine cones and red berries.  Tie it all together with the textured look of a burlap bow to create a homespun country welcome on your door.


Lusciously Layered


Orange slices and cinnamon sticks just seem to go together.  The fresh look and scent of the citrus mingled with the rich hue and warm scent of the cinnamon make for a winning combination.  Adorn your holiday tree or evergreen garland with this traditional combination for homespun appeal.


Nature’s Embrace


Bring the great outdoors inside and lay it in the loving embrace of a rustic wooden basket.  Fill your holiday table with a palette of seasonal colors and textures to warm the space with handsome country appeal.


Tiny Treasures


It only takes two ingredients to make this amazingly beautiful and amazingly simple seasonal accent.  Tiny white tea lights are nestled in the warm embrace of fallen pine cones.  The more the merrier of these tiny treasures!


Ring of Beauty


A ring of evergreen suspended from jute creates a natural chandelier of seasonal splendor.  Draw the eyes of your family and friends to this overhead display of originality and charm.


Nutty Charm


Calling all squirrels!  A set of cut glass dessert dishes becomes a rustic display when filled to overflowing with a bountiful display of fallen nuts.  The textures and warm hues invite you to pick them up and take a closer look.


Nature Is Art


An artfully displayed combination of natural elements complements each other beautifully in a simple pottery vase. Nestle a little creative elegance like this anywhere you need a pop of color.


Merry Berry


A richly colored swag of ruby red berries against the primitive elegance of weathered wood bring a country charm to this accented area.  Fill a tiny glass lantern with a twinkling candlelight to add a night time glow.