During Christmas season, all Christians around the world feel so excited not just with the celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ but also a time for preparing and decorating our individual houses. One of the most common décor that most people are using is the Christmas ornaments. It is used to adorn a Christmas tree. It is made up of glass, metal, wood or ceramic and takes different forms from a simple round ball to an artistic design. This is usually reused every year.

Some of these ornaments are bought from stores and some of it are created by family members and usually passed from one generation to another generation. These ornaments can be candy canes, fruits, animals, snowmen, angels, stars, balls, pine cones and snowflakes. Creating ornaments during Christmas will also enhance your creativity and resourcefulness skills by making use of all the things you have. The following are the most common DIY Christmas ornaments that are handmade and cost friendly:

Pom Pom Wreath


Pompoms are considered to be kid’s favorite and usually used as knitting, crochet and needle crafts. This craft looks cute but great. You will just need to create a loop on one side of the wire then looped the other side through and tucked both wire ends into the top.


Ninja Turtle Ornament


Are you a fan of Ninja Turtles? If yes, this is your chance to make your own ninja turtle ornament for this Christmas season. The materials you need are green balls, ribbon .5 inches wide in varieties of colors like blue, red orange and purple and of course you must have hot glue. You also have to make that the Google eyes will fit in with the size of your ribbon.


Paper Straw Snowflakes


A collection of different colors of snowflakes is such an awesome achievement and experience during this holiday season. This will surely a great time for the whole family to bond and to share memorable moments. It has various design and color depending on your preference.


Two-sided Felt Snowflakes


These snowflakes have two sides, one side is color pink and the other is white. All you need are one piece of wool felt in bright pink or whiter, water soluble marking pen, ruler and a spool of pure cotton thread. This ornament is a wonderful and cool one.


Polka Dot Glittered Ornament


A varieties of polka dot glittered Christmas balls will give more beauty to your Christmas decoration especially with your Christmas tree. It can also be attached to gifts and will give spark to your mantel when it will be hang there. Bear in mind that these ornaments are made up of glass and it is breakable.


Retro Fabric Christmas Light Ornament


During the holiday season, Christmas lights would never be absent and always present in every decorations at home. To make it unique, it is made up of fabric. This will bring you back to your childhood years when you are making like this.


Upcycled Christmas Wreath Ornament


Yeah! You read it right; this is just made up of recycled materials like shower curtain rings, shiny pipe cleaners, faux greenery, ribbon bows, hot glue and a ribbon for hanging. Aside from you can hang it anywhere in your house but also as embellishment on Christmas gifts.


Yarn and Candy Ornaments


These ornaments look cute and adorable. You only need Styrofoam balls, yarn in various colors, mini candy canes and a hot glue gun. Insert five small candy canes in the Styrofoam balls surrounded with colorful yarns and you can add a ribbon loop to hang.


Mod Podged Photo Christmas Ornaments


It looks festive and fun personalized photo ornament which is made up of cute photos of your babies or you can change it with other photo at your preference. If you have mod gloss, wood blocks, brush, squared photos, ribbon and dye, you can create your own.  Hang this in your ceilings or in your Christmas tree.


DIY Christmas Tree Cones


To create the same like this, you need first to stabilize the Christmas tree by pushing a small Styrofoam ball over the tip and hot glued the next smallest on top. You also need different sizes and shape of funnels. It looks elegant and classy that will surely bring your holiday into a memorable one.


Reindeer Thumbprint Ornament


Who would forget about Santa Claus and reindeers this Christmas? Yeah, everyone remembers. This lovely and cute reindeers will showcase a unique beauty and form unlike the traditional form of reindeers you have known.  It is just a color blue Christmas balls to be hang in your Christmas tree.


Toilet Roll Reindeer Ornament


This toilet roll reindeer is obviously made up of toilet roll tubes and Google eyes. The color, texture, appearance and patterns of this craft are great. Alternatively, you could paint or cover with piece of brown or sand paper.


Bell Jar Ornament


We all hear jingle bell ringing every Christmas season and it always reminds us that the birth of our Lord is coming.

This unique and vintage inspire bell jar ornament is what you are looking for as one of your decorations at home. It has a small elf inside the glass bell.


Bottle Cap Snowman Ornament


Gather every bottle cap you see on the road to create this one of a kind bottle cap snowman ornament. It is just a matter of white paint and your favorite color of ribbon. You will surely experience fun and joy while creating like this plus a quality time with the whole family.


Origami Diamond Ornament


Are you a fan of making different shapes and form of origami? If yes, this is your chance to show your talent this Christmas season. You can use different colors of papers but for this its color pink and orange that will blend with your Christmas tree. It is an ornament that even kids can do.


Wreath Ornament


This is the perfect time to give your best in terms of decors for Christmas season and everyone knows how pompoms will be helpful in achieving a beautiful holiday experiences than ever. It a unique blend and combination of color green and red theme with ribbon tied.


Wood Burned Snowflake Ornament


This ornament will surely bring your Christmas tree into an epic one and the paint really adds dimension. You all need wood slices, acrylic paint, foam paint brush, wood burning tool, template for tracing and knife. The results of making this craft will show really amaze not just you but everyone in the house.


Mason Jar Lid Ornament


Be resourceful and creative enough to create this craft without wasting any centavos if you have everything you need like mason jars, mod podge, sponge brush, wrapping paper, thread, nail and of course hammer. Make us of your scrapbooks or scrap paper by using it a wrapper.


Clay Cookie Ornament


Taste these delicious French macaroons by just looking on it. This is just made up of clays rolled up together. You can even bake your own as it is very simple and easy to make.


Snowflake Photo Ornament


There are moments in our life that we consider as unforgettable experience especially during our childhood days. This snowflake photo ornament will be one of the prettiest and coolest craft this Christmas season where you can easily share memories with the whole family.


Star Ornament


We all know that kids love stars and I know you were also that is why this colorful stars will surely satisfy your décor needs. It is made up of different color of beads arranged together in a star shaped wire. You can add some pendant at the center and a red ribbon to hang.


Button and Felt Ornaments


This unique ornament was created as it is just made up of felt in different type and colors, buttons, white paint, embroidery floss, baker’s twine and a small red rhinestone. For those who love Rudolph, it is sure you will adore and love him even more during this Christmas season.


Cinnamon Scented Ornaments


Who would not love the scent of cinnamons this Christmas season? Making old fashioned crafts is something everybody should do, especially for children in the house. You can give this as a gift to your friends, co-workers, neighbors or family.


Cinnamon Stick Tree Ornament


It is truly a wonderful time of a year to create some Christmas decorations while enjoying the cool breeze of wind. This cute little craft is just made up of cinnamon sticks, pine garlands, assorted button, glue gun, wire cutters, twine and ruler. You can this in your Christmas tree.


Santa Hat Christmas Ornament


Santa Claus is the fan favorite of most kids during Christmas. This Santa hat ornament is very cute and adorable. Even a preschool kid can manage to make like this one.


Pinecone Elves


Do you believe that these cute little elves are just made up of pine cones? Yeah you have to believe. It is absolutely adorable and lovely. Hang this in your walls or in your Christmas tree.


Popsicle Stick Christmas Trees


These little Popsicle stick Christmas tree are very much fun to make. All you need to have is three Popsicle sticks, square brown card stock, star cut from glittery, twine, glue gun and scissors. If you want to beautify it more, you can add some decors like tiny pompoms, sparkly pipe cleaners, jingle bells, rhinestones, buttons and glitter.


Christmas Tree Ornament


Bring the hardware store inside your house this holiday season. You will surely have fun and joy in making this one. The little red circles on it are pompoms.


Yarn Ball Ornaments


Spend time in decorating your Christmas tree by using this adorable yarn ball ornaments. It has variety of colors depending on which is your favorite one.


Yarn Wreath Ornaments


Before Christmas season, everyone is looking for a perfect décors and ornaments. This might be what you are looking for. This is made up of rolled colorful yarns and best to hang everywhere inside the house during the whole season.