When it comes to one of the most special days of your life, leave no detail behind. Put your style, creativity and individuality on display in the way you weave beauty and charm throughout your celebration. Small touches and thoughtful acknowledgements, let your guests know you love and appreciate their presence on your memorable day.

Loving Light


Add a romantic glow in every nook and cranny of your wedding celebration with a gorgeous lantern aglow with the warmth of a burning candle.  Encircled with a ring of greenery, this delightful simple concept adds regal elegance on your special day.


Magical Message


A primitive chalkboard springs forth with a welcoming message as your guests make their way into your festive celebration.  Elegant script and an artistic holiday flair, share the details of your magical union.  Add a little country essence to your day with this country casual touch.


Mr. & Mrs.


As “King” and “Queen” for the day, you deserve to be seated in elegant holiday fashion on your wedding day.  A pair of evergreen wreaths sporting festive Mr.& Mrs. signage, adds a light -hearted and personal touch to the bride and groom table.


Filled With Festive Fancies


Fill your guest tables with all sorts of festive holiday goodies in celebration of your special day as well as the holiday season.  A series ofpillar candles wrapped in candy canes add Christmas cheer when paired with greenery and Yuletide china.


Wedding Runway


A nighttime Christmas wedding embodies the very essence of love and romance.  Glowing lanterns flank the central aisle of this exquisitely adorned venue.  Every eye will be filled with wonder as your guests bask in the warm glow of candlelight.  Fabric pouches filled to overflowing punctuate the seating area.


Treasured Trinkets


Mark the seating arrangements for your wedding guests in a unique and creative way.  Glass ornaments filled with a simple bit of nature and topped with a festive ribbon will not only help guests to find their seat, but will also serve as a keepsake from your celebration.


Classic Celebration


Use the classic symbol of the Christmas season on your festive guest tables.  Frosty miniature trees warm the atmosphere with traditional seasonal color and charm.


Slice of Nature


Slice up some hardwood branches to create an earthy base for this pop of holiday color.  Add simple, natural beauty on your tables and in other small spaces using the evergreen and berries.  A simple votive candle brings life to this homespun wedding décor.


Wedding Wonder


The contrast of a delicate hurricane globe against the grainy texture of a natural wooden base makes this centerpiece a winner.  Ringed with greenery and sprinkled with “snowflakes”, your guests will cheerfully gaze across the table at each other through the warmth of the candlelight.


Wild & Wonderful


Add a masculine touch to your day with a wildlife silhouette garnishing a festive treat.  Display your desserts with springs of greenery and pops of color to wrap holiday cheer throughout your celebration.


Wedding Wonder


Groupings of glamourous elements create an opulent display in the center of this stunning table.  Champagne flutes filled to overflowing with the creamy glow of miniature ornaments stand tall beside a profusion of crisp white carnations and roses.  Dancing candlelight adds warmth and grace to this glorious arrangement.


Ring Around the Rosey


Top your Yuletide wedding tables with the fresh clean look of a pair of radiant red roses floating effortlessly in a water filled vase.  Encircled with a delicate ring of holly, this arrangement adds the sweetest touch of charm and beauty.

Rustic Romance


Celebrate your special day with rustic design.  Capture the feeling of nature and invite it to the table with this unique place setting concept. The enduring quality of natural wood mimics the enduring quality of your love.


Special Message


Wrap your guest tables in traditional elegance and style with gold rimmed china.  Layered to give even more depth and charm, this place setting provides a perfect resting spot for a heartfelt note of thanks to your loving guests.  Top it with a bit of color to give it holiday appeal.


Lovely Lantern


A simple glass and metal lantern becomes an eye catching centerpiece when it is filled to overflowing with a collection of natural elements.  Evergreen sprigs provide a bountiful bed for a lovely arrangement of roses and holly.  A classic style with traditional appeal to add warmth and charm to your celebration.


Melt My Heart


Your guests will get a little chuckle when they read this humorous signage.  Show your fun and lighthearted side with messages scrolled and displayed around your wedding celebration.


Snowy Splendor


It would be hard to find a more beautiful backdrop for your wedding celebration than a snowy mountainside.  Guests huddle together as the warmth of your love washes over the day.  Natural décor fitting to the scene turns this venue into an outdoor chapel.


Ring of Romance


A romantic combination of greenery highlighted with a pop of color gives holiday charm to this wedding attire.  Sweetness and innocence radiates from this charming design.


Celebrate the Outdoors


Put outdoor elements to work on your wedding day with displays celebrating the bounty of the holiday season.  The contrasting elements of nature against the charm of vintage glassware has all the bases covered.


Nature’s Crown


These simple and festive headpieces are so easy, you could make one for every female at your wedding celebration.  Using the traditional charm of evergreen and berries, this lightweight and comfortable crown adds a homespun country charm to your attire.


Flame of Love



Your guests will walk away from your glorious celebration of love with full hearts and a practical keepsake for future use.  This clever and practical wedding favor will keep the flames burning long after the wedding gala is over.


Mason Jar Merriment


The popularity of country-inspired wedding celebrations has given new life to objects such as mason jars.  Transform this simple utility item into a charming centerpiece with the classic seasonal touches of evergreen and berries.  Tuck in a glowing candle and you have created a homespun centerpiece.


Fairytale Fancy


Like a page from a fairytale, this amazing headpiece evokes the feeling of a princess from a faraway land.  Beautiful delicate bits of nature are entwined in flawless perfection to create this stunning accessory.  Play the part of the holiday season as you exchange your vows wearing this Yuletide work of art.


Seat of Honor


It’s only fitting that the bride have a seat of honor on her special day.  Add a primitive touch to your gala with a whitewashed BRIDE sign gracing your chair.  Give it a little holiday flair with greenery and ribbon.


Merry Musings


A tall clear glass vase provides the possibility for endless creative combinations.  Here we see the beautiful pairing of vibrant green bulbs against the earthy texture of natural pine cones.  Encircled with candles, this table top is ready to pop to life as the lights go down.


Magical Masterpiece


A magical centerpiece graces this table with a frosty tree dripping with strands of flowers and beads.  A collection of small votive candles adds even more beauty to this show stopper.  Draw your guests to the table with this magical table centerpiece.

Towering Treasure


Balance the beauty of your wedding venue with a design that uses height to capture attention.  A thin glass vase towers high above the gaze of seated guests on this festive table top.  Filled with a spray of natural beauty and color, this design is both elegant and sophisticated.


Beautiful Bubbly


Keep the champagne coming!  This creative and practical ice sculpture will wrap your champagne bottles in holiday charm as your guests party the night away.  Add pedestal bases and you have a decorative and functional bottle chiller.


Romantic Message


Country charm reads loud and clear on this whimsical wedding accent.  Write a message for your guest to decipher as they join in the festivities.  This little bit a quirky country charm will delight all.


Merry Morsels


These little beauties are as tasty as they are pretty.  Deep red Bing cherries dipped in white chocolate and bedazzled with candied toppings make a colorful elegant addition to your dessert table.


Yuletide Yummy

Miniature cakes nestled on tiny holiday plates await the eager eyes of your guests.  Deep rich chocolate smothers a two tier treat in decadence as a special little tribute to the Yuletide season perches on top.


Triple Tier


Stacked for success…this three tier creation captures the essence of traditional wedding glamour with a hint of natural beauty.  Perfectly poised on a handsome slab of wood, this wedding cake will be a focal point of your joyous holiday gala.


Tasty Treat


A two tiered tasty treat encrusted in nuts and garnished with holiday accents awaits your guests at a Christmastime wedding.  Feast your eyes on the delicate design of this masterpiece perched high atop a beautiful glass pedestal.


Fit for a King


Create tables that are fit for a king.  Exquisite cut glass stemware and the shimmer of silver flatware coupled with a bountiful centerpiece of deep red floral elegance dresses this table in celebration mode.


Touch of Class


The casual beauty of glitter adorned pine cones turns an ordinary chair into a royal throne.  Show your guests how much you appreciate their presence by transforming their place into a festive sparkly treat.


Pretty Pine Cones


Silky ribbons tie a pair of delightful pinecones together with graceful style.  Dangle this simple adornment from guest chairs to add a merry cheerful touch to your wedding gala.


Lip Smacking Good


You will create quite a buzz around your dessert table with a sumptuous offering of holiday beverages and tasty treats fit for a king.  Rich seasonal color adds a festive flair to this robust display of goodies.


Cinnamon Spice and Everything Nice


Attention to detail is what makes good design great design.  Go the extra mile and add a garnishment to your crisp linen napkins with cinnamon sticks and holiday berries.




Simple beauty captured in a gentle bouquet of festive berries adds elegance and charm to a holiday wedding celebration.  Let the gifts of Mother Nature accent your special day with simplicity and charm.