What could be more delightful than a winter wedding? The splendor and beauty of the winter months provides the ultimate backdrop for a heart-warming celebration of love. Romance and love twinkles from every detail of exquisitely crafted centerpieces filling the gaze of your guests with beauty. Whether you choose a natural rustic touch or a flair for the fabulous, make an unforgettable statement on your wedding guest tables.

Breath of Fresh Air


Showcase a natural display of pinecones tipped in metallic shine for a stunning earthy addition to your table tops.  Add elements of seasonal floral beauty and garnish with twinkling tea lights to create a festive, subtle arrangement.




Standing proud and tall in the center of this table is a remarkable salute to the beauty of nature.  Tea lights dangle from a stately branch poised elegantly in a pine cone garnished glass flute.  This statement centerpiece gives height and sophistication to guest tables.


Lovely Lantern


A simple glass and metal lantern becomes an eye-catching centerpiece when it is filled to overflowing with a collection of natural elements.  Evergreen sprigs provide a bountiful bed for a lovely arrangement of roses and holly.  A classic centerpiece with traditional appeal to add warmth and charm to your celebration.




Providing the base for this centerpiece is a slice of wooden wonder.  A rustic lantern and classic vase of flowers partner to fill the area with charming ambience.  Light those candles and let this beautiful arrangement twinkle all night long as your guests dine and dance.


Rhinestone Radiance


The twinkle of a lighted LED branch fills this shimmering rhinestone accented clear glass vase with glamour and glitz.  With this as a centerpiece, your table won’t require anything else!  This is Hollywood glam from top to bottom.


Radiantly Red


A casually arrangement of winter floral beauty rests comfortably in a clear glass cube.  Add a pop of seasonal color to your guest tables with rich ruby reds and natural foliage.  This understated arrangement adds a charming touch of simplicity to your wedding celebration.


Golden Glow


A clear brandy snifter provides the perfect way to capture the beauty of candlelight dancing off gold and silver metallic ornaments.  The natural element of birch wrapped around the candle adds texture and contrast to the shiny effects of the display.  Set your guest tables aglow with this magical centerpiece..


Fresh & Fanciful


Reminiscent of a bonsai tree, this centerpiece evokes a slightly oriental feel with its delicate beauty and graceful appeal.  Crisp white carnations and clear glass teardrop ornaments adorn the barren tree with a touch of elegance and charm.  Bring unique appeal to your guest tables with this work of art.




Vintage candle holders or egg cups provide an excellent means by which to showcase a frosty display of wintery pine cones.  Gather the cones and spray with a quick burst of paint to transform them into a tribute to the winter season.  Create a centerpiece for your special occasion by housing your display under a glass dome.


Classic Christmas


A winter wedding wouldn’t be complete without the presence of evergreen accents.  A miniature tree garnished with red and white florals and accented with tiny frosted bulbs adds holiday splendor to this classic table décor.  Celebrate your special day and the holiday season with this traditional centerpiece.


Beautiful Berries


If your choice is primitive and rustic, then we have you covered.  The simple beauty of a hollowed out birch branch brimming with holly berries adds country charm to this table of celebration.  The color palette of this arrangement adds warmth and comfort.




Classic and traditional beauty fill the center of this warm and inviting table.  Candlelight spills from a lantern across a bountiful ring of evergreen with pine cone and tea rose accents.  Warm the hearts of your guests as they chat across the table in the glow of this centerpiece.


Fire & Water


Isolating one element of nature invites the eye to examine it with great detail.  A series of glass flutes filled with single sprigs of evergreen and a bit of water line the center of the table.  Lighted candles provide the “fire and water” combination that makes a statement with this contemporary display.


Slice of Nature


A hearty slice of wood provides the base for a delicate display of berries and evergreen as they nestle together in a clear votive cup with lighted candle.  This tribute to nature adds a warmth and charm to your guest tables.


Glorious Greens


Combine elements of the winter season to create your own unique centerpiece.  A simple ring of evergreen surrounds a small grapevine wreath at the base of a clear hurricane globe filled with lentils.  Add a crisp candle and be ready to turn your wedding celebration into a glowing party.


Wedding Wonder


Groupings of glamourous elements create an opulent display in the center of this stunning table.  Champagne flutes filled to overflowing with the creamy glow of miniature ornaments stand tall beside a profusion of crisp white carnations and roses.  Dancing candlelight adds warmth and grace to this glorious arrangement.


Pretty Pillars


A collection of pillar candles nestled tightly on a bed of sage leaves makes for a simple tasteful centerpiece on this table.  Add a graceful statement on your wedding guest tables with this pleasing arrangement.


Beautiful Birch


The texture and color palette of white birch gives a unique feel to this winter time wedding centerpiece.  An abundance of tea lights dots the display with warmth and a celebratory feel.




Give your guests a touch of pure elegance with a stately glorious centerpiece.  A tall fluted vase is filled to the top with miniature bulbs and overflowing with a fresh spray of white florals and draping greenery.  Accenting the table is a strand of pearl beads and a Victorian frame.


Natural Wonders


Give height and grace to your winter celebration centerpiece with a series of natural elements.  Everything you need to highlight your table comes from nature with graceful textures and warming hues.  Invite the outdoors to your wedding celebration with this wintertime display.


Happy Hydrangeas


Not many flowers have the WOW factor that hydrangeas have.  Partner those beautiful flowers with the rich ruby color of berries to create a stunning centerpiece.  A tall clear vase raises this winning combination high above the table at your winter wedding gala.


Berry Pleasing


Fill your guest tables with a collection of clear graduated vases and containers. Add bits of winter beauty to create a clean and simple displays on your wedding celebration table.


Beautiful Berries


Holly berries dance through a bundle of green branches as tiny hanging votive candles dangle daintily.  A thick silvery ribbon binds the beauty together as it graces your winter wedding table.


Charming Celebration


Add a little country charm to your wedding guest tables with the glow of candlelight streaming from small mason jars sitting on a bed of evergreen.  Let the quaint feel of this understated centerpiece bath your tables in tranquil beauty.


Magical Masterpiece


A magical centerpiece graces this table with a frosty tree dripping with strands of flowers and beads.  A collection of small votive candles adds even more beauty to this show stopper.  Draw your guests to the table with this magical table centerpiece.


Beautiful Bouquet


Give a great big pop of holiday color to your wedding centerpieces with a plump bouquet of deep red roses in a vase filled with a collection of shimmering holiday bulbs.  Colorful and compact, this wedding tabletop display gets the job done!


Woodsy & Wonderful


Huddle your guests around a wholesome display of winter woodsy charm with a flower- filled log display on your guest tables.  The contrasting crisp delicate flowers against the roughly textured log brings an interesting flair to this design.


Country Charmer


A charming country inspired centerpiece is created in a painted frosty mason jar.  Tightly arranged flowers are highlighted with the lacey accents of delicate greenery. Give your wedding tables a down to earth feel with this relaxed bit of beauty.


Fresh Beauty


Give a fresh innocent touch to your wedding tables with a simple milk bottle-inspired centerpiece filled with an assortment of fall bounty.  Nestle a little bit of simple charm into your celebration with a collection of quaint fresh beauty.


Beautiful Blues


A winter wedding affords the perfect opportunity to create a wonderland of frosty beauty.  Adorn your tables with a collection of holiday bulbs in a festive palette of blues and silver.  Mingle in some intricate snowflakes and the twinkle of candlelight to entertain your guests.


Earthy Elegance


Grace your tables with the deep rich tones of the winter season.  A white birch base provides the foundation for a hearty gathering of greenery and floral accents.  The contrasting creaminess of the rose buds against the richness of the evergreen adds warmth and substance.  A handful of delicate twigs gives height.


Two Tiered Beauty


A two tiered wrought iron centerpiece fills this table with festive beauty.  Pine cones, evergreen and berries all tangle together in perfect proportion to generate a festive welcoming table display.  Bring winter charm front and center on your wedding tables with this design.


Cozy Cranberry


The rich cranberry hue of this centerpiece beckons guests to pull up a chair and relax.  Grapevine elegantly winds itself around a trio of graduated candles nestled in accents of greenery.


Gold & Glitz


Add a glitzy touch of glam to your guest tables with the golden glow of a collection of metallic bulbs collected in a clear glass vase.  Partner this concept with a candle of two to add a romantic twist to your wedding celebration.


Pretty Pedestal


Embellish your wedding tables with a silver pedestal dripping in holiday charm.  Red and white carnations give a pop of holiday color in this traditional seasonal centerpiece.  This classic design gives a touch of royalty to your table.


Western Whimsy


True country charm!  From the red enamel lanterns to the rolled bandana napkins…your guests will be ready for a real hoe-down when they catch a glimpse of this fun and festive table décor.  A parade of lanterns interspersed with holiday floral accents brings the whole table to life.


Pretty Parfait


A parfait of total beauty and elegance is created within fluid filled glass vases.  Treat your guests to a visual treat as they gather around the tables to celebrate your special day.


Crisp & Contemporary


Capture the color and beauty of the Christmas season at your celebration with a contemporary work of art on your guest tables. Tall glass vases seated with clear beads and filled with the brilliance of ruby red florals tower with delight at wedding celebration.


Tower of Bounty


A two tiered pedestal dish is transformed into a splendid holiday centerpiece with the use of evergreen and natural accents.  Dress your guest tables with a bit of traditional holiday warmth and create an understated tribute to the bounty of the winter season.

Silver & Gold


You can always count on silver and gold to make an impactful statement.  Glittering and gleaming from the inside of clear glass, the shine of holiday ornaments brings a brilliant shine to the center of this special table.  A well- worn candlestick adds just a hint of vintage charm.